The Daily Diary Game | 4 June 2021 | Construction going on at home and making us sick| Exams are on my mind🤯

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Hello everyone. May Allah bless you and your family. And protect you from evil eyes.

Exams are on my mind and still can't study because of the construction going on at home. It's a headache nowadays for me and @suboohi and other members.

Do you wanna see the condition of our home right now ?? No I'm not showing lol

I've exams idk from exactly which date because I daily see a different new regarding the opening of the universities. I started studying because 95% chances are of physical exams. No way to escape.


studying maybe

false attempts of completing a project

I've spent a lot of time in completing a project. I don't know how to make it. Neither the Google codes are working nor YouTube. I spent 2 weeks over this and that made me frustrated. I'm gonna jump of my roof now 😤

In evening my Baba brought delicious Donuts. I don't like donuts but this time I couldn't stop eating. Maybe I was starving.



In evening, we all went to the roof and enjoyed the weather. Slow wind was blowing. That was soothing.

Then back to work. My eyesight has become weaker and new glasses are not ready yet that's why I'm drinking tea nowadays, because of constant headaches.




Me my siblings and father washed the whole room with the pipe and we are so tired because we have cleaned all dust many times a day. I was continually sneezing. I didn't work that much as compared to others. We all are sick and tired because of the construction going on. Baba ordered burgers and that was the best part of the day 😋 party after work.

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nice post of you. Berger may be very delicious. SO best of luck keep it up. You will be success very soon,


Exams tension 😢
I can understand Ur feelings



I also am waiting for final news regarding the exams. I think exams are going to be conducted physically.
I still remember the days when my home was got painted last year. Uff, itna mess or dust.

Last thing is strange to hear that someone don't like donuts.🤔


Yes physical exams are confirmed 😿

I don't like donuts that much 😃

nice!! God bless you with good graded bestie and may you get rid of headaches! 🌚

I know It's really a headache

Last month I passed through the same situation
(Samaj nahi ati rehna kidr h)


Haha you got it

Yummy donuts I just saw now i want to have some donuts. Is this burger from TEXAS BURGER? and btw good luck for your exams.


Yes yummy 😋
it's from BOXER Burgers

Good luck for exams.

i just hate exams!!
btw, Good luck for your Exams!!

You make a very good post I appreciate you. Best of luck for exams

Exam struggle is indeed real ngl😭