Steemit Account Got Hacked | 29-April-2021 | Lost Almost 211 steem | Restored the account

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Assalam-o-Alikum Everyone :

I hope you are doing fine. This post, not a diary game or an entry post. This post is about a tragic incident that happened to me two days ago. So on 29th April 2021, my Gmail account and steemit account got hacked. All the savings of mine are gone and are being transferred to the hacker Binance account I think. Here I will show you some pictures which will act as proof and also some activities screenshots that the hacker was doing with my Gmail account.


As you can see in the above picture . It is my wallet status . All my sbd and steem have been gone . let me show another screenshot .


as you can see in the screenshot that the hacker first converted 22.898 sbd into the steem and then he transferred it to another account using a memo address. He also tried to power down my steem power but he might not know that the power down procedure takes 7 days. Well, I recovered my account back. I lost almost 211.218 steem which is approximately equal to 30 thousand Pakistani rupees.

How the hacker managed to get my wallet keys?

so here the main and important thing. The hacker guessed my Gmail account password and then from there he downloaded all my data and all my backup passwords. He downloaded approximately 9 GB of my data from my google account.



To avoid these things you guys should also secure your google account and turn on a two-step verification google account and also change your passwords of steemit wallet and secure the pdf in a safe place. You should also avoid such apps which have ads , they are also the reason of hacks sometimes


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Brother, i am sad for you.
I truly verify this act. This guy is not laming around. I know him personally and i verify this hack is not dramatized.
Well, who knows but God has saved you from a bigger loss.
Thank him for this and IA you'll get your rewards back IA kn coming time. I also was scammed for about 19k rupees. Just don't stop working hard and good.
Keep up the good work. IA many more to come.

Just make sure that now all your accounts are safe. Please implement two step verification on your google account.


thank you, brother. I really appreciate that you took the time to guide me when I was in trouble. yeah, it was my mistake that I didn't turn on two steps verification. Now I have secured my account through two steps verification.

I am really very sad for you my brother, Keep working hard. InshAllah you’ll get more than that soon.

My condolences on your loss.

It is really heart wrenching to see these cases and especially with you. I hope that your loss will compensate soon in much better and broader way.

Oh God 🥺
I'm sorry for you. Me too had lost 1700 trons.
But thank God you saved your account before 7 days. insha'Allah you will recover this loss. My prayers are with you 💕
May Allah keep all of us save from such cheaters ameen