MUSIC FOR STEEM WEEK #8 ||(Cover song) AFRICAN BOY by @ayoyemi

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Hello fellow members of this wonderful communities of talented musician..(#music for steem) I appreciate the effort of those that make this project a success, I also appreciate the effort of those musicians that have been posting here.

Yes. It's another week, I am @ayoyemi

The Title of my presentation today is "African boy" Originally composed by beautiful nubia cover by @ayoyemi


in my journey through the world
overland and oversea
I see different cultures
and different people's way
I was born where the sun
never set and never rises
I was born where the heat is like a second skin
children crying on the streets
automobiles are making noise
the land is growing dry and weak
spirits dying low
the fore fathers are calling me
are never tire never weak
the pride in me is bursting loose
an African boy
on the farm my father called me down behind the tree
he said prostrate at my feet and say a few prayers
then he told me all the stories of my brave ancestors
said look into my eyes son
you were born to brave
so in that while I went home behind my father with a hoe
listening to the songs of birds
whispers of the night
I was singing

in the evening
mother called me down into her hut
she said lay upon my bossom
and say a few prayers
then she told me to go forward never looking back
the spirits are with you
you will never fail
so I go into the world into the deeps into the wirld
in the market place I dance the sound of bata dancing

seven goats
seven beads
seven cowries
seven nut
seven lives that's what 've got
I'm an African boy

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I really enjoyed this! Is it a folk song? What is the significance of the number seven? Great tune. Well done. Thanks

BTW, you might want to also post this to your own blog.

@ayoyemi, antes de escuchar la canción ya estaba fascinada por la letra de la misma...un precioso poema. Me toca en lo más hondo del corazón. Bellísimo...!!!! Gracias por compartir. Suerte en el concurso. Fuerte abrazo desde la sufrida tierra de Venezuela, hermano.


Thank you greatly...I really appreciate this