MUSIC FOR STEEM WEEK #6 - My Top 5 #songreview - Epilogue Video

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In the spirit of Music for Steem and giving continuity to the initiatives that his tireless team brings to us, I want to participate in one of the most recent proposals, such as #SONGREVIEWS.

Every day, new songs are published for the contest #MusicForSteem! We like you to write comments on each artist their songs + to make a post with all your comments and reviews about the artists. + your TOP 5!

The talent and creativity of the participants gave me great satisfaction, the interpretive quality, and a variety of musical genres awarded this Musicians Party.

For my participation, I decided to create a Epilogue Video with the performances of the artists I chose for my TOP 5, as well as the comments I left in their publications, giving them my support and expressing my satisfaction with such excellent entries.





@rypo01, @dali13, and @elisonr13






separa juan musica.jpg

Epilogue Video

separa juan musica.jpg

With this video, I wanted to pay a humble tribute to all the Musicians who participated this week.
I couldn't include them all, but I can assure you that all the entries were great.

Track List - Time Line:

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