Social media specialist application for YouTube


My name is Tare, aka kingtamarah. I am 22, I am an instrumentalists, an acrobatics and a recording Artist. I create all my contents with my Android, and upload on YouTube.

Here are some of my contents on YouTube.

Working on my career for about 5years, I have learnt alot about the music industry and how it operates. I have been able to learn how YouTube algorithm works, learnt to run f.b, Instagram and YouTube Ads.

I'm young, ambitious and have alot of time to spare. Due to the pandemic, I'll be able to provide over 8hrs daily for this purpose as I already spend about 15hrs daily learning from the internet and creating contents and being entertained. Reschedule is no big deal, I can always create more time for a bigger purpose, Music for steem. Music I what I love and would love to contribute to a rising platform, Music For Steem.

I have basic knowledge of YouTube and can work 8hrs of every day of the week.

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