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Hi Friends & Fans!

To support Steemit with their goals, we decided to completely change the concept Music For Steem, and this with immediate effect!

The past 7 editions, we kept focusing on musicality, not primarily on retention and recruitment of new artists for our competition. This way, we think some of you feel they can never win, and thus just not enter the contest. Also, fans were left behind, but now ANYONE can win in the new MFS!

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THE NEW WAY - MusicForSteem 2.0

Part one - Sing Daily

From now, every song you sing or play for Music For Steem, will give you a ticket. You can perform daily and earn a ticket EVERY DAY! @musicforsteem comments under your entry the number of your ticket.

Weekly*, we go LIVE on @dlive to draw the lucky number. We stream LIVE the lottery results! Every ticket goes in a random generator and everyone can watch it, again LIVE!
(if possible, otherwise it will be announced and a live timestamped recording)


We like to have more comments. And also give Steemians who do not sing or perform the opportunity to win!
Everyone can comment on as many songs for Music For Steem to get a higher chance of winning!). Please give feedback, not only "wooow and cool" please!!

Every comment that has been made on the winner's post will go into a second lottery pool.

For Example: We have 30 entries in a week: The number generator will pick a number and he/she wins the main prize. Next, we count the comments of the winning post and play the second game of the lottery. In this case, there are 5 comments on this post, the winning number is 3. The third comment from the top down will win the second prize! If that happens to be from @musicforsteem, the next in line will win!

Prizes will be released in the coming days. But we like the idea of giving a bigger prize if the winning post is set as 100% Power Up. @steemitblog or @steemcurator01, please provide us your thoughts and the percentage of winning votes. 1 vote for the winner + 1 vote for the winning comment.

We thought of this: 100% for the winner IF 100% POWER UP post, otherwise 50%
80% for winning comment IF Set as 100% power up, otherwise 40%

Part 3

Weekly we will post our favorite song of the week and this winner will receive a CASH Steem prize from Music For Steem!
Go for the win!!


Easy, they are completely the same!

  • Record a minimum 1-minute song live. This can be you singing or playing the instrument!
  • Start the recording by you saying your username and the number of the week.
  • Upload on @dtube or YouTube
  • Share your performance using #musicforsteem
  • Preferably in our community Music For Steem (not obligatory)
  • Recieve a ticket


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hello @musicforsteem,

I figured I would leave a comment here with my thoughts on judging retention as opposed to musicianship. I think this is an excellent idea for making the contest fun in the short run, but it is not going to incentivise musical ingenuity, and this will have a negative impact in the long run. If all that is judged is how many performances are posted (or how many comments are left), musical performances will no longer focus on the music, as much as earning tickets with as many performances as possible. First of all, this will have a negative impact on Steem because the performances being posted will not be attractive to outside communities. This will be because it will frustrate many of the musicians you are seeking to recruit (Those who perform professionally, or are studying to perform professionally). Competition is often something which shows skill in the musical world, and not judging musicianship is basically making their skills (and any professional quality they may strive for) worthless. One thing that is the same throughout the serious musical world (from the Russian piano competitions to America's Got Talent) is that the judges are looking at the skill of the performer. I think Steem is a perfect place for amateurs and professionals alike because even if not every performer wins, there is still great chance for a large audience to follow each performer with upvotes and praise. If it is just a lottery, there is no reason to try any harder than the bare minimum. That is not going to attract professionals at all. A music competition needs to be competitive.

I will also point out that I think it is a mistake to make commenting on other posts such a large aspect for competing performers. While I understand the hope that it will demonstrate commitment, I think regular submission to the contest demonstrates commitment enough. I think there should be separate focuses on trying to build an audience and recruit performers. I can tell you that many performers might be discouraged by such a time commitment being so incremental in a contest. While we all love Steem, this platform is not going to grow if we expect participants to be 100 percent in it. No musician is going to be able to earn any thing close to a full salary through Music for Steem, and requiring that much commitment is really going to scare them away.

I will end by saying that Emma and I really don't care about the change in rules. We are making these performances for fun, and will continue to do so. Neither of us really have the time to seriously compete in this new system anyway.


Hi Chris! We really appreciate your time to comment on here. Your thoughts are valuable to us.

I will start with why the sudden change: We were getting fewer and fewer entries, and feared the competition would die quickly if we didn't act swiftly. People know we don't operate the @steemcurator02 account anymore, and my ego couldn't handle it that it would be clear that most are not here for their passion but for the rewards.

The part that we judge on musicality will still remain of course. And you are right this should be the main event. Of course, we want to attract as many GREAT talents as possible to the competition. Our dreams for the contest are likely as high as yours, and we couldn't wait to go full monty on this.

Next, we feel that we are almost on the plateau of "inside recruitment", as we only get about 2 to 3 new artists a week and not the best retention rate, except the die-hards you see in the leaderboards every week :) This would make it a circle jerk and to be honest, a dozen will win in rotation and who is interested in that for the long run?

We can change the rules of the contest whenever we like, so obviously we will take your feedback seriously and rethink it again, no problem!

We like it to have more entries per artist, as 1 a week is nothing. This would improve their skills dramatically cause it forced them to practice every day, so we should get better and better performances each week. Of course, only 1 song of each artist would make it in the top X each week.

Just be on the lookout for new updates :P



@ciska @cmp2020 @musicforsteem I think its time to make the contest winner based on the category. Then in form of award. Like Grammy Awards for every category in the contest. This we can call "Steem Music Award".

For example, there will be a winner for all engagement and frequencies of their music entries into the contest. Maybe the winner for the award of the most popular star?

Then another category is for quality. The best quality one winner. So this could be steem awards' winner for the most quality performers ?

Just an idea to integrate all the ideas into unity so everyone can win.


Hi babe! Thanks for your thoughts! Those categories are part of the plan as written in our vision plan for MFS. We want that, but as we got no response on sponsorships and not enough entries in each category we just postpone it until we get enough for each category.

We know from the beginning of July that we wouldn't operate a large curator account anymore. So the plan to "pay" team members with upvotes to help grow this and to divide the work was not on the table anymore.

Nice you joined the discussion :D

Hi! I'm new to this contest and would like to submit a song this week ;)
Should I be posting a link to my blog/video in the comments here?


Hi Thanks for your interest! No, you do not. If you use the #musicforsteem and/or post in our community you are all set!

We look very much forward to your entry!

Interesting way to change the contest.

Our voting power is going to be very stretched during The Diary Game because of the very large number joining it, so we will not be able to give such big votes.

We are also unsure on the 'Proof of Brain' aspect of the new form of the contest.

Who is in the organizing group of Music For Steem now?

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Hi Steemit, we posted most of our thoughts under @cmp2020 his comment already. It would be a circle jerk pretty soon or always the same winners over and over again. Being honest and fair who was selected as winners already lost us a big sponsor that retracted cause we didn't give the win to his team member.

I see the diary game is launched very successfully, and we wish you great success. Not a doubt it will be HUGE.

We admit this was likely an impulsive decision. It was made with emotions as we were hours away from losing the only possibility we had at that time to grow this (steemcurator02).

Next, we count the comments of the winning post and play the second game of the lottery. In this case, there are 5 comments on this post, the winning number is 3. The third comment from the top down will win the second prize! If that happens to be from @musicforsteem, the next in line will win!

If I'm understanding, this means that the person who comments after musicforsteem gets two chances to win. They can win on their own number or on musicforsteem's number.

It might be better to subtract/ignore musicforsteem's comment before selecting a random number (i.e. if there are 5 comments with 1 from musicforsteem, the random number is between 1 and 4, and the comment from musicforsteem is ignored.)


Might cancel this in general but your idea would obviously be better indeed. We had spam and BS comments worked out, but every clever one would just post under our comments to get a higher chance :). As you can see, its a learning curve :D

Hey @musicforsteem, that sounds a lot of fun. I like the idea of every performer has a chance to win, let's let the destiny to decide. Also for the auditorium that would be interesting to be luck winner without performing.

Hope we will have many people who will support that idea!


Thanks for appreciating it! We do believe it too! Comment and you can win, sounds fun and easy enough!

Lets see and find out, it should be :D

This sounds fun. I might participate.


Awesome! Lets just do that!

Fabulosa iniciativa, seguro me animo a participar. Gracias a @musicforsteem por estos bonitos espacios y por pensar en el pùblico que adora este evento. Un abrazo!... Son geniales...


Muchísimas gracias por sus palabras bonitas! XXX

I am quite certain that this will entice more users to actively participate in the comment section.

Everyone can comment on as many songs for Music For Steem to get a higher chance of winning!)

Thank you for this addition and I think the idea of 100% power up will also help winners to generate more rewards for authors of posts as well. Great work!!!!

Thank you for this


We hope it with you!

That rule of 100% power up is not final yet but we will see!


Wow! I'm in! @adrian.soldier check this out.

Please, how do I get the change profile picture option?




Hi @miyamotohishiro click "blog" then click "settings" then this page will appear, so you can add your profile photo


No entiendo algo, ¿Puedo subir una canción todos los días?


Y como lo título?
Música for Steem + la semana en curso??


Si lo mismo hermano!

Saludos, me siento como pez en el agua, desde hace muchos años he participado y organizado muchos concursos de canto por el hecho de que en mi ciudad donde vivo hay muchisimo talento y dirigimos una fundación sin fines de lucro dónde le damos clases a muchos alumnos que están esperando por el cese de la pandemia para regresar al ruedo en la "Fundación c "ARTE Y OPERA", allí le impartimos clases gratuitas a más de 150 alumnos y creanme, todos son excelentes. Cuando participaba en los concursos solo tenía que leer las reglas y estudiar de que manera debía dar lo mejor de mi para poder obtener un buen lugar. No soy de los que creen que Musicforsteem es un lugar para ganar dinero o recompensas como leí por allí hacen varios comentarios, porque desde que estoy en la plataforma en varios concursos, siempre buscaba que leer en mis participaciones palabras que elevaran mi autoestima y me hicierna crecer. Esta debería ser la verdadera fuente de enriquecimiento para un artista y no solo pensar en cuanto me gané porque al fin y al cabo el dinero en todos los niveles se deshace como el agua y cuando partimos a un lugar mejor solo nos llevamos lo bueno que dejamos en el tiempo aquí en la tierra. Bienvenidas las actualizaciones del concurso, se que esto les llevará a encontrar un final felíz para todos. Y a todos los amigos participantes es sencillo, vamos a hacer de la mejor manera que se active el concurso y se convierta en la mejor alternativa a través de las redes sociales... Feliz trde.. Si no me han visto tan activado como estuve al principio es porque tengo a mi padre enfermo y a él le debo mucho de lo que he logrado en mi vida, es quizás este el mejor momento de devolverle a el un poco de lo mucho que hizo or nosotros y esto tiene mucho que ver con la música porque para mi la voz más bella que he escuchado jamás es la de él... Felicidades y mil bendiciones a todos y a TRIUNFAAAAAAAAR todos...


Gracias Daniel por expresar tu opinión, es cierto que quienes estamos acá sabemos que no es solamente por el dinero porque al final solo alcanzaría para comprar pan por poner un ejemplo, queremos que el concurso perdure en el tiempo y se haga grande como todos lo deseamos. Que Dios saque adelante la salud de tu padre y pueda estar bien nuevamente con todos ustedes. Saludos a Maria.


Gracias por tus palabras hacia mi padre, también espero que todos estén bien por allá hermano. Saludos y cuidate y cuida a los tuyos... María le manda saludos compadre...

Thanks for this update, #musicforsteem now open to all, talented or not, everyone has something to offer!


Music is music, and good is subjective to your culture or what you know.

All music has something for someone! Thanks


Yes, music is music!

After having analyzed the current situation of the contest I would like to leave some of my reflections as part of the team and member of the community:
1.- It is very gratifying to feel like a winner and see that your publication reached the first places of the awards but for some it is annoying to see how almost always the same ones are every week, so it ends up discouraging many to not insist because they will simply never win, this is a feeling that some users have expressed to me in more than one opportunity. So that the contest that will no longer be a competition because it will now be a draw ... then something similar can happen and I want to explain why:

A.- If you participate only 10 users for example in a week five (5 ) will be winners right?... but as it is a draw next week 15 users will participate and among the new participants it could happen that by draw there will be two or three of the previous winners again.
This point should be explained a little better, the solution is in my opinion that those who win the first 5 places in the week can participate in the next week as a special participation and would not enter the lottery next week in order to give more opportunity that all in the end may be winners.

B.- It is somewhat asymmetrical and unfair that those who upload more videos in the week have more opportunities to enter the lottery taking into consideration that not all of us are on equal terms, that is, here in Venezuela, which is the community that contributes most artists to the contest, not everyone has electricity or internet every day, which would be a challenge to expect that any of us upload content daily. My proposal is:: Between 1 and 3 videos in the week per user.

2 .- The principle of making community proposed in the comments is in my view excellent, it is necessary and important to leave good comments on each of the publications of the participants even if they do not belong to your community. I have seen publications from Arabs, Africans and Italians with very few comments since most of us only want to publish and be voted. This proposal allows us all to have the need to comment now because ANY one could be the winner according to the new design that the contest intends to implement. This would force most of the participants to give themselves more support so I see it as somehow positive.

3.- Quality vs Quantity:
Quantity will now be more important than quality so I understand that there will no longer be judges in the contest. If the winners will result from a draw it is not necessary to evaluate quality, performance, musicality and more because as the post says ANYONE can win. This is positive if you consider the above, that the same users do not always win.

4.- More promotion of the contest: I think that if the Venezuelan community did not participate in the contest it would not exist as simple and frank as I want to be, I do not understand how after 8 weeks the Anglo-Saxon, European and African communities do not have even 5 participants in the contest. We have to think that we are doing wrong that the contest is not attractive to the world, point to reflect. Solution: Greater promotion through all possible networks.

5.- I doubt that the Venezuelans in the serious crisis we are living will make a 100 powerup publication, this should not be a condition to receive a good vote from the curators in my opinion, the participants should have the freedom to publish in the way that best suits each one according to their personal needs. but this is an opinion not a suggestion.

I would like to conclude by thanking all those who make this great contest possible. Since its inception I have witnessed how many hearts of my people have been filled with joy, the support given to each of our participants deserves my admiration and my deepest thanks especially to @steemit, @steemingcurators @ciska, @musicforsteem, @vdc and @steemicurator01. God bless them and let's keep making music for steem.

Translated with (free version)

Después de haber analizado la situación actual del concurso me gustaría dejar algunas de mis reflexiones como parte del equipo y miembro de la comunidad:
1.- Es muy gratificante sentirse ganador y ver que tu publicación alcanzó los primeros lugares de premiación pero para algunos le es molesto observar como casi siempre están los mismos todas las semanas, por lo que termina desmotivando a muchos a no insistir porque simplemente nunca ganarán, este es un sentimiento que me lo han manifestado algunos usuarios en más de una oportunidad. Para que el concurso que ya no será una competencia porque será ahora un sorteo... entonces puede ocurrir algo similar y quiero explicar porque:
A.- Si participan solo 10 usuarios por ejemplo en una semana cinco (5 ) resultaran ganadores cierto?... pero como es un sorteo, la próxima semana participaran 15 usuarios y entre los nuevos participantes pudiera suceder que por sorteo quedaran nuevamente dos o tres de los anteriores ganadores.
Este punto habría que explicarlo un poco mejor, la solución es a mi juicio que quienes ganen los primeros 5 lugares en la semana pueden participar de la próxima como participación especial y no entrarían en la lotería de la próxima semana para así poder darle más oportunidad de que todos al final puedan ser ganadores.

2.- Es algo asimétrico e injusto que quienes suban más videos en la semana tengan más oportunidades de entrar a la lotería tomando en consideración que no todos estamos en igualdad de condiciones, es decir; acá en Venezuela que es la comunidad que más aporta artistas al concurso no todos tienen electricidad ni internet todos los días lo que sería un reto pretender que alguno de nosotros suba contenido diariamente . Mi propuesta es:: Entre 1 y 3 videos en la semana por usuario.

2.- El principio de hacer comunidad propuesto en los comentarios es a mi modo de ver Excelente; es necesario e importante dejar buenos comentarios en cada una de las publicaciones de los participantes aunque estos no pertenezcan a tu comunidad. He visto publicaciones de Árabes, africanos e italianos con muy pocos comentarios ya que la mayoría solo queremos publicar y que nos voten. Esta propuesta permite que todos tengamos la necesidad ahora de comentar porque CUALQUIERA podría resultar ganador según el nuevo diseño que pretende implementar el concurso. Esto Obligaría a la mayoría de los participantes a brindarse más apoyo por lo que lo veo de alguna manera positivo.

3.- La Calidad vs Cantidad:
Ahora será más importante la cantidad que la calidad por lo que entendería que ya no habría jueces en el concurso. Si los ganadores resultarán de un sorteo no es necesario evaluar calidad, actuación, musicalidad y de más porque como bien dice el post CUALQUIERA puede ganar. Esto es positivo si se considera lo antes expuesto, que no ganen siempre los mismo usuarios.

4.- Más promoción del concurso: Pienso que si la comunidad venezolana no participara el concurso no existiría así de simple y franco quiero ser, no entiendo como después de 8 semanas las comunidades anglosajonas, europeas y africanas no tengan ni 5 participantes en el concurso. Hay que pensar que estamos haciendo mal que el concurso no resulta atractivo al mundo, punto para reflexionar. Solución: Mayor promoción a través de todas las redes posibles.

5.- Dudo que los venezolanos en la grave crisis que vivimos hagan una publicación 100 powerup, esta no debería ser una condición para recibir un buen voto de parte de los curadores a mi juicio, los participantes deben tener la libertad de publicar de la manera que más les convenga a cada uno según sus necesidades personales. pero esta es una opinión no una sugerencia.

Quiero concluir agradeciendo a todos los que hacen posible este gran concurso ya que desde sus inicio he sido testigo de como han llenado de alegría muchos corazones de mi pueblo, el apoyo brindado a cada uno de nuestros participantes merece mi admiración y mi más profundo agradecimiento en especial a @steemit, @steemingcurators @ciska, @musicforsteem, @vdc y @steemicurator01. Dios les bendiga y sigamos haciendo música para steem

Where do we get the ticket from


Musicforsteem posts under your entry the ticket number. No worries we are a little bit behind but this will be fixed in the coming day!