Music For Steem - UPDATE - Request Your Songs + Songreviews

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Hi Friends and Fans!

Week 6 is going great again! The music is from an outstandingly high level, and we are nothing but proud!

In This Update:

  1. Song Requests: #songrequest
  2. Song Reviews: #songreview
  3. Referral Bonus
  4. Top 35 artists Music For Steem

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1) Song Request #songrequest

As we now have a great idea of the potential and the styles of the music artists, we can go and request them to sing a particular song you like. This can be for the contest Music For Steem, or as extra performances. Below, you see the names of the top 35 artists based on their previous performances for MFS.

How does it work?

EVERYONE can make posts addressed to their favorite artists. Per post, you make a selection of 3 songs you like that artist to sing or perform. In every post you make, you can request 3 different songs. At the moment, there is a selection of 35 artists (below), so you can already make 35 posts! (not all at once :P)

Use hashtag #songrequest
Post in Community Music For Steem

We will read all your posts and the top ones will be included in our regular "Request Your Song"-updates.

2) Song Review #songreview

Every day, new songs are published for the contest #MusicForSteem! We like you to write comments on each artist their songs + to make a post with all your comments and reviews about the artists. + your TOP 5!

How does it work?

a. You visit the posts published for Music For Steem. You can find them using #musicforsteem, following the artists below, and the official Steemit community for Music For Steem:

b. You comment on each artist what you liked, what was the best part of the song... Anything you can think of when listening to the song. Please be kind and give positive criticism. Reviews are not: Wow! Cool! Nice! Great! Awesome!. But a couple of sentences long.

c. At the end of the week: This is on each monday, you can make a post with all your reviews (comments) of that Week, currently, we are week 6! And your top 5 of that week! Use #songreview

3) Referral Bonus!

We still have the referral bonus for bringing in NEW artists you know to Music For Steem! Any referral can you gain up to 14$ in upvotes extra! Go and contact your musical friends, let them join Steemit and make a song! When they mention you in their posts, you earn too!


(Please follow them)

@fabian98: Spanish covers + Guitar
@davidcentenor: Spanish covers + Song-writer+ Guitar
@cmp2020 & @esouterhn3: Covers + Classical Songs + Broadway + Piano
@edwardstobia: Guitar + Singer-songwriter - Covers
@melor9: Spanish covers + Guitar
@rypo01: Spanish covers + Family set
@dianakyv: Covers
@gaborockstar: @spanish covers + Guitar
@nestorchacin: cover artist + guitar
@randolfmandolina: Guitar
@mariajruizb: Spanish covers
@eugelys: Spanish covers + Guitar
@danieldedosd2: Spanish covers + singer-songwriter + guitar
@gabrielinho: Spanish covers + Guitar
@leomolina: Spanish covers + Guitar
@gabrielamenesesg: Covers
@juliolunar: Covers + Guitar
@futuremind: Singer-songwriter - Guitar
@yusmi: Spanish songs
@mailleyn : Covers + Piano
@juanmolina: Spanish covers + Guitar
@ricardomello: Electric guitar
@anatolianwisdom: Turkish Songs
@edmundocentenor: Spanish covers
@rbatan: Spanish covers + guitar
@davidsuarezms: Guitar + Singer-songwriter - Covers
@betzaelcorvo: Spanish covers
@shemzee: Covers - Singersongwriter
@betzaelcorvo: Spanish covers + Guitar
@raymondelaparra: Spanish covers
@dali13: Piano
@vmoeller: Guitar + Spanish songs
@davidke20: Indonesian Songs
@sayuru: Spanish covers
@hattaarshavin: Indonesian covers

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This is simply awesome.!!

I think this is a fantastic idea and I of course will be promoting the fabulous @dianakyv.

Would love to hear more of her singing.

Something by the great Adele I am guessing would be off the scale.!!

Listening to @dianakyv singing an Adele Cover would probably blow my speakers off the wall.!!

Stephen :)


Thanks Stephen! Awesome you like it!

Might be an idea to do something like a bounty in the future.
Sing this particular song and get X amount of STEEM/SBD?

Think that would be great indeed, Adele is absolutely one of the best artists ever! Would love to hear it too!



Might be an idea to do something like a bounty in the future.
Sing this particular song and get X amount of STEEM/SBD?

I was thinking of something similar.

Maybe ask for small Sponsorships.

I for one would certainly consider offering a small Sponsorship Cash Prize similar to the #spud4steem Sponsorship.



That's great! Might be a side gig for the artists, so they can earn extra.

Lets figure something out that benefits all parties involved. I also would sponsor for particular songs. Thanks for your input!

Even before reading this post, i have been referring people to steem but all seem to be futile.. just today i had a chat with an old steemian @mcmusic. he has great potentials and he has a gospel band already.


Support my project and idea, i can bring a whole community and multitide of artists to steem in a month.

i have been working tirelessly for to get this gospel choirs but onky few commitment i have seen.

@mcmusic is an old steemian, he is afraid that his efforts might not get attention

I propose to the dear steemit Inc to pls give us support @steemmusicng, we will do great works.


Thanks man! You do great! It is not easy but life just isn't easy. There was no fun if there was no challenge :D You can do it, just don't give up!


Thank you... I'll keep trying, #musicforsteem

There's a young girl used to write lyrics on Steem blockchain but she left a long time ago and her lyrics were never added with melody?
Would love your team's help to find inspiration to pick one sing to make it alive and send her as a gift.
I don't have a lot of steem but I still have SP to upvote your posts so lemme know if there's a way to collaborate.
OF course the lyrics copyright is hers but you guys have the freedom to slow with the melody.
All her lyrics on Steem are Gospel related though.

[WhereIn Android] (


Hi I got no idea what you mean sorry! Who is that girl?
Do you want us to find an artist who can sing her songs?

Always happy to help but not sure how in this case :D

This is great! I live doing reviews of music videos and covers even before. I will participate in the #musicreview portion. More power to @musicforsteem.


We love to see your reviews!

I'm grateful to be here with you in this community, and I hope we'll always be helpful.
And we support each other with love and appreciation


Thanks that is such a nice thing to say! We do and let us do this!

Muchísimas gracias por incluirme entre la lista de los mejores, acá hay mucho talento y todos han estado trabajando hermoso, es un honor para mi estar aquí con ustedes..

¡Que Honor estar entre los mejores he! Gracias por la mención...

I am gonna try my review and share. You Guys are doing great job. Thanks for the updates.


We look forward to those entries!

Nice idea about the review. I did cry with some of the songs they played or cover actually, those songs from cmp2020 and his lovely gf Emma.


Thanks hun! They are indeed very touching! We shouted OHHH YESS so many times the neighbors think we are sex addicts

  ·  작년

This is great. Love having this list of the top 35 and their specialties. And you are so right about the quality among these people! All very very good. No wasted time on the #musicforsteem tag. Thanks for putting all this together.


It's our pleasure, we do our best for this wonderful community! Thank you for being so supportive of the Music For Steem community @owasco! We appreciate you!

I need it in spanish please 😥😥😥


Google chrome traduce automáticamente las páginas a español mi hermano.


Sorry my written Spanish is as good as your English :D Lo siento


Deepl funciona bien para eso

This is a super cool idea!
Thank you for the update, and thank you for @musicforsteem!

The entries for week 6 are amazing! I better get to work quickly to avoid the time out box :P


Thanks for liking the idea! Everything we do, we do it for you guys

Thanks a Lot. 👌👌


No thank you!

here is my entry song in urdu for musicforsteem


Great song, special in Urdu language! Invite your friends too!

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I'm grateful to be here with you in this community, and I hope we'll always be helpful.
And we support each other with love and appreciation

Steel is going musical great😁