The black Dahlia murder - Necropolis Guitar solo /// Tapping technique


hello everyone! this is my most recent video I recorded, its a very fast a complex guitar solo...
I love this band because of his solos are so amazing, always when I learn a song from the black dahlia murder (my favorite band in the world) I learn a new technique

The most important thing is to play all the correct notes and give the correct feel for every one of them, when I say feel I meant the vibratos, bends and the and the correct force and time

I hope you enjoy this as I did recording the video for you, I will be always trying to give you good stuff here for you to enjoy...

I had to learn this solo by ear so it took me a long time to learn it but I did it 😃 finally

If you want to hear the the full cover song I did it too 😃

(My hands were so tired after I played this song 😆

Thanks for your support!

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