"Tunes on Tuesday" is here again ~ So here are my 10 favourite Music Track Selections for Today 👍

2년 전

The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use AtomCollectorRecords.com:

Among The Witches by Fleursonseaux

## Nyertun - Mindconnection - 05 - Fly by @beats4change

Let your mind soar

Nyertun - Mindconnection: Tunes from 2005-2007 Made with Reason

Aurora by @tymusicproject

Electro 80s

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Premier regard [Wypernet and Lukowig] by Lukowig

Music and guitar: Wypernet soundcloud.com/laurent-toupet-930624560/tracks
Drums, bass, lyrics, vocal, mixing, mastering and illustration: Lukowig www.facebook.com/Lukowig/
Thanks to Sylvain D'ailleurs for his advice.


Premier regard
quelque part
dans le passé
m'ont agressé
tes yeux noirs

Premier regard
revenant à ma mémoire
sans pitié
m'ont foudroyé
tes yeux noirs

Bulles façonnées par mes désirs
remontent à la surface
une à une sans prévenir

Bulles gonflées par mes souvenirs
éclatent à la surface
une à une et me font souffrir

Premier regard
magiquement noir
et sorcier
m'ont envoûté
tes yeux noirs

Les lames de fond l'écume acide
n'effacent la trace
indélébile de ton sourire

Sans larme je me morfonds baignant dans le vide
profond qui me glace
et alimente mes soupirs

PRINCESS ASS - Culo princesa by MPinc

https://soundcloud.com/matrioshkabrain/wells-of-souls-mebitek-matrioshka-brain by @mebitek

“Everything that has ever been, everything you knew and held so dear, is gone. It changed into a terrifying world made of sorrow and voices in your head. Your moves are frozen and your heavy breathing sizzles like electronic particles in the void, dancing on the cold walls of your prison. Darkness pins you down and strength of your body drains away. There is no horizon, no escape, nobody to hear your scream. Because no one else exists anymore. It vanishes into the surrounding well of despair. Once the echoes of your voice are gone, silence encircles you forever.”

Sketch and Jam by @sketch.and.jam

Some improvisations on my cigar box guitar, drums and other stringed instruments.


Just Instrumental

Door to Elsewhere by @skeeboo

This is a jazzy sketch for tenor sax, made with love in dorian mode and quartal harmony.

Go Cat Go by @psionic-tremors

Cool by @lastravage

© Music & Lyrics By Last "Ravage" Opinion

© Image: "Miscere Homunculi" Courtesy of Alenia

A bass riff starts up this song, a riff which is doubled an octave higher, intermittently, during the song.
A well saturated guitar makes the rhythm interesting.
A distinctive crash cymbal gives an alternate marching feeling to the drum beat.
A "sololike" squealing guitar is the song's most memorable bit.
The second part of the song has a more jazzy feeling where lyrics are nearly spoken.
In the end, it's "cool" waking up from a rare sleep paralysis.


Dazed by the thunder under torrential rain,
driven by the ghastly wind, blinded by the lightning.

Screaming louder than a bell in agonizing pain.
Is anyone surviving this? Is anybody listening?

I wake up, I'm cold and wet, fluctuating on clouds.
There's nowhere I can firmly stand.
Deep into the void I drown.
More I try to float, the deeper I sink.

Immobilised I try to scream but in vain.
Words can't describe the terror I'm feeling.

Can't open my eyes, can feel no more pain.
I'm loosing control, what on earth is happening ?

A stream of light breaks through the darkness.
An angelic figure holds out her hand.
I'm starting to doubt my sanity.
Am I still alive?

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