Atom Collector Records Friday Selection

2개월 전

The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

What 4 by @deezee42

Piano and organ with Steely Dan influences.

Music written and performed by Dave Zeitlin, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

If you’d like to hear more tracks by Dee Zee:

Syzygy by @deezee42

Flu by QT

Eccentricity 0.02 by @deezee42

Bad City Blues by Davy Vance

A song of hopes and dashed dreams. So many talented people have been badly treated and exploited by business men,the practice continues to this day,maybe more so.
To quote Van Morrison,'Music is spiritual,the music business is not'.


I came in on the half past ten
Stardust in my eyes
My song was on the radio
I was aiming past the skies

Bad city
Bad city

Manager man he talked me up
I was the next best thing
He'd take care of business,sure
I'd just play and sing

Two years on down the line
Things they start to slow
The suit,he don't answer calls
And where that money go

Build me up for the fall
Leave me with nothing at all
A dry cold empty shell
In my own personal hell

Bad city
Bad city blues

I believed all they said
I thought they'd do me right
Yet here I am now bound by law
And a contract sewn up tight

I lined the pockets of the man
But it didn't get me far
He took my money,took my songs And left me my guitar

I still got my guitar

Bad city
Bad city blues

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