Rising Star: An Atom Collector Records Game!

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There are many interesting games in the Steem/Hive ecosystem, some of then really good games as Splinterlands, but today I want to talk about a new one that is specially interesting for the music community: Rising Star.

Rising Star is a cards RPG game that makes you immerse yourself in the world of music through its characters and the different missions that must be solved. In this way, you will also win various prizes and of course earn StarBits, the token created for the game.

You will start as a Bedroom DJ or a Busker, making new fans, playing in bigger stages, and you will need to improve to make yourself a place among the best music stars.

All the cards in the game are based on NFTs so also, in addition to collecting them you can sell them on Steem Engine NFTs market.


The game is still in alpha phase so testers are needed who can also win prizes and starbits while testing the game.


So, if you have Steem Keychain just log-in and start to play!!!!


Hope you like the game and start soon to get fun and earn StarBits.

Rising Star Main Page

BK (@nupulse)

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