Share Your Healthy Food Photography | Promosteem Contest | 15 Steem Prize Pool

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Today I am feeling so glad to announce my first contest in Steem Health Community.It's great that the community is growing. Our community admin @hmetu is working very hard for it. It's an honor for me that I can also play my part in the development of the community.

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Eating a healthy Food is very important for staying healthy. Because we often neglect food to keep our body healthy and wholesome. And because of them, lack of essential nutrients in the body increases the incidence of disease and physical weakness. That is why we need to pay special attention to our food to live a healthy life. Healthy eating is very important in our daily life.

We would love see the Healthy food photography with a short details from our friends.

We think it's a great opportunity to share a Healthy food in your creative photography skills, as well as to connect yourself to the #promo-steem.

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Follow the Rules:

• Plagiarism strictly prohibited
• Title: Share Your Healthy Food Photography | Promosteem Contest |
• Make sure to post your entry through Steem Health Community.
• Invite 3 of your friends to participate in the contest & Resteem the Post.
• This contest is open for everyone with any language.
• Try to be more creative with your photography.
• Make your contest with at least 150 words.
• Must use tags #healthyfood #myfoodphotography #promosteem and #steemexclusive your country (Pakistan for Me)
• Share Your Post on Twitter/Facebook/Others social platforms.
• Remember to mention @ayeshagul (me) in your post that I can reach your post.
Share Your Entry link under this Post in the Comment Section.
• Only one entry per person.
• Make Sure your entry before Payout of This Contest post.
• The Winner will be announced after 28 May 2021.

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Total 15 Steem in prize pool
1st place= 5 steem
2nd place= 4 steem
3rd place= 3 steem
4th place= 2 steem
5th Place= 1 steem

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

So share your healthy food photography and win Steam by connecting with #promosteem #contest.

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Source: @stephenkendal

Ayesha Gul
Moderator , Steem Health Community


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what a great contest, I hope I can join it


Thank you , waiting for your entry :)


ok ayesha, i will try to think what menu i will cook ...

That's a good contest idea keep it up @yeshagul👌 Hope that a lot of authors of our community will participate in this contest😇


Thank you✨

Hope that a lot of authors of our community will participate in this

Yes, I hope so 🙂

This contest is a contest for the best for health


Thanks alot friend , Hopefully you will be a part of this contest :)

What a great contest apu, best of luck.


Thank you apu☺️

Wow nice contest 👏👏


Thank you ❣️ Hope you will be part of this contest :)


I will try my best dear


Thanks , waiting for your entry


Thank you ❣️

Array waah🤩 Sha Allah ma Sha Allah, you rock it Ayesha👍👌
All the very best to you for this contest ❣️
Happy to see you growing 😊💗
In Sha Allah this time I will participate, you always invite me but due to hectic routine and busy schedule, I always miss that🥺. But this time for you I will be participating,❣️😊😍


You're welcome my dear friend 🤗, thank you so much you always encourage me 💕

Amazing contest @ayeshagul :)
I hope I'll participate in this contest


Welcome to this contest :)


First I forgot to invite you people in my post, but when I was going to edit that, I saw your comment, so you have seen this..again
I am inviting you