Grass-eating vs. grain-eating beef - what is the difference?



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What is fed to the cows can have an enormous impact on the nutrient composition of the meat . Where cattle are now often fed granular food, in evolution these animals roamed freely and ate grass. Many studies have shown that the nutrition of beef can vary counting on what the cow eats. Beef is eaten in large quantities in Bangladesh throughout the year. When the sacrifice comes, the quantity increases several times. About half a crore cows were sacrificed across the country. Most cattle are usually grain-fed. However, grass-fed beef is common in many other countries, including Australia.

But does the way the cows are fed have any effect on your health? you would like to read the entire article to understand .

After the calves are born, they drink milk from their mothers and feed many of them to roam and eat grass or other edible plants that they get from their environment. It lasts about seven to nine months. then , most cows changed their eating habits. These are rapidly fattened with grain-based granular foods, usually made up of soybean or corn kernels. Also small amounts of dried grass are fed. to hurry up fattening, cows are often given antibiotics and somatotropin drugs. Livestock survive this farm for several months before being delivered to a slaughterhouse. Of course, this is often not really a simple process. Feeding methods are complex and varied.

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