How to prevent skin damage using computer.



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Working on computers and mobile phones all day can affect your health in multiple ways. Initially it puts pressure on your arm muscles, causes dry eyes, neck pain and weight gain.

In addition, using gadgets without interruption can affect your psychological state , which may cause mood swings and increased frustration.

In addition to the physical and mental side effects, being ahead of a computer blue light all day can cause subtle damage to your skin. this will cause you to look older and tired. Let's determine how counting on digital technology are often harmful to your skin and what to try to to to scale back that damage-

Problems thanks to blue light emitted from the pc

The culprit for the damage to your skin cells is high-powered light , also referred to as blue light emitted by electronic devices. this is often the high-frequency of sunshine of short wavelengths within the violet-blue band within the color spectrum . Blue light is emitted by all kinds of gadgets, including sunlight, tube lights, LED and television screens, smartphones, tablets and computers. But the sunshine emitted from the screen of your computer and mobile is more likely to wreck the skin cells. Because these are near your mouth.

Earlier people were concerned about invisible ultraviolet rays, which were thought to cause carcinoma . Several studies have now shown that blue light are often equally harmful to the skin and cause some irreparable damage.

How does blue light affect your skin?

Earlier it had been thought that blue light could only cause insomnia and affect vision. However, its effects on the skin are discovered lately. The ultraviolet rays present within the sun's rays directly damage the DNA of the cell, while blue light destroys collagen by creating oxidative stress.

When the chemicals present in our skin absorb blue light, a reaction occurs that produces unstable oxygen molecules. The result's skin damage. These create small holes within the collagen which causes you to look older.

Studies have also shown that blue light can cause hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration). This problem is more common in people with fair skin or black skin, but it's relatively less common in people with fair skin.

How to prevent skin damage?

The easiest thanks to reduce skin damage is to limit the quantity of blue light emitted from your device. you'll replace the LED bulb on your desktop or laptop. Reduce the time spent ahead of all kinds of gadgets, including computers. don't work sitting ahead of the pc continuously. Take an opportunity for a short time . you'll use any sunscreen on the skin that's effective against the blue light emitted from the gadget.

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