Lemon cancer control.



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Causes of the disease: Lemon cancer is caused by a kind of bacterium called Xanthomonas axonopodis. It attacks most parts of the tree. The disease is spread through leaf tunneling insects. It also can spread through air and water.

Symptoms: As a results of cancer, small yellow spots appear on the leaves, fruits and tips of the tree. Later these spots close and become thick and enormous . The spots have a foscar-like yellow tinge around them which is more common on fruits and leaves. it's a touch like ringworm. If the attack is severe, the tree dies.


To uproot the trees and destroy them.

lookout of the garden when the leaves are dry.

Lemon leaf tunneling insect infestation measures such as: * In winter, especially in January-February, the affected leaves should be pruned and burned.

so as to regulate leaf tunnel insects, pesticides of Azad pesticide group like Nimbicidin (2 ml / liter) / Phytomax (2 ml / liter) or Bionim or Bionium Plus (3 ml / liter) should be sprayed. This insect are often controlled by mixing 120 ml neem khail extract or neem oil in every liter of water and spraying the leaves of the affected tree.

This insect is controlled by mixing 1 kg of neem oil in 10-20 liters of water and spraying every 15 days.

albeit tobacco extract and soapy water is sprayed, this insect is controlled.

just in case of high infestation, Diazinon 60 EC or Fenthoate 50 EC should be sprayed at the speed of two ml per liter of water. Chloropyrifos or cypermethrin or dimethoate or imidacloprid group pesticides should be sprayed.

Copper oxychloride or copper per 10 l. 5 grams of water. Mix and spray twice every 15 days.

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