Today I am sharing two medical tips with you.


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Is there a problem with stopping high blood pressure medication?
Regular blood pressure medication should be taken. Be sure to take blood pressure medication in any way. Even if the pressure is under control, you have to take medicine to maintain it. Otherwise the pressure will increase again. Then other physical problems may occur.

Blood pressure should be checked every few months. The doctor will change the medicine as needed. You don’t decide on your own.

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What causes sleep?
Many factors work for the human body to sleep. The human body has an internal clock that controls when we are asleep or awake. The body clock rotates in a cyclic order of 24 hours. This cyclic order is controlled by two rhythms. The first creates sleep pressure every hour throughout the day and the second instructs us to fall asleep when the evening sleep stress stops at its maximum.

A compound called adenosine is associated with sleep. When we are awake, its levels gradually increase in our brain and this level of growth signals us to sleep. As you sleep, the amount decreases again.

The surrounding environment, light or darkness signals our body clock to sleep or stay awake. For example, the signal of light through the eyes reaches our brain and explains the difference between night and day. In addition, a hormone called melatonin is regulated by the body clock which signals our body to sleep. After dusk, artificial light interferes with this process. After sunrise, our body secretes a hormone called cortisol which helps you to wake up.

Our body clock changes with age. This is why people of different ages have different sleep times. Notice, teenagers want to sleep late at night and get up late in the morning. This is because during adolescence, melatonin is released late in the 24-hour body clock. No reason to be surprised. It does not happen in children or other ages.

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