Healthy V/s Tasty = Choice up to You

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Happy Ramadan to all!

Although many Ramadans are already gone, have we been able to show our health awareness during the month of Ramadan? Have we been able to change our unhealthy habits?

You see, I don't agree with this from the beginning, because the month of Ramadan has really doubled our attraction to our country, especially to fried oily foods. We try to eat more and more fried food.


But after fasting all day, we should have eaten nutritious fruits. Instead we try to eat things of taste. Many people get sick after fasting for a while. Because not eating healthy food.

On the other hand, if we try to eat fruitful foods or nutritious food after fasting all day. Especially those foods that are digested quickly, it is possible to keep our body healthy and well by eating them.


Doctors and experts often say that fried oily foods during Iftar while fasting are harmful to health. But fruit-based or fast-digesting foods are good for both body and health.

Even then, we may not be able to change this mistake. In fact, good or bad depends on us. If we pretend not to understand, it is our own fault.

Thanks all.

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