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Hello Steemians,

This time is called the most meal time, because now it is summer, the weather is very hot at this time. This is why we try to eat a variety of foods to eliminate the feeling of heat. Because summer fruits are able to create a cool feeling even in hot weather and can keep us healthy from various summer problems.

Since a competition has been announced by the Steam Health Community through @ayeshagul Apu, on Healthy Food Photography, my today’s post about participating in that competition.


Seasonal fruits are the healthiest for us at this time. This is because Allah has chosen for us the fruits that are suitable for the hot weather of summer, so that we can keep ourselves healthy and normal with the help of these fruits. So in my view the solution to all the problems of summer is in the midst of summer fruits.

And among all the seasonal fruits available in our country at this time, mango is one of my favorite fruits. In particular, in the midst of the scorching heat of summer, raw mango mash create a great feeling and give the body extra warmth. Which is why this time I try to eat more raw mango mash.


But I try to eat this raw mango mash a little differently, it is specially made-
-Raw mango,
-Raw pepper,
-and Kasundi.
This raw mango mash is made with a nice mixture of these and its taste keeps us wonderfully fresh.


Tagging my friends, @andreikuleev, @jenyaret, @annalussiaa to take part.

Check the contest announcement link-

Thanks all.

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Mango is my favorite fruit and of course someone loves it. You have explained the method of this recipe in a new way... I like it✨


Happy to read your feedback that you like my presentation. Thank you

WoW! It's been a while I haven't eaten ripen mango mash with kasundi🤤

Btw thanks for sharing with us! Take love💙


Received with thanks brother.