Eid Project Update | Shared Happiness With 25 Families | @bd-charity Report

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This is An Update Post Of Our Latest Charity Work


In this Eid, we wanted to share happiness with the lower class people who don’t even get an opportunity to enjoy the happy moment. We've provided Semai, Milk etc to a total of 25 families through this project.


In order to keep the cost of shopping low, we bought food items from the local market with the utmost caution as coronavirus situation is at It's worst point here in Bangladesh.


While Measuring & Packaging Food


Food ItemsTotal AmountPrice (BDT)Price (USD)
Laccha Semai5 Kg550 ৳6.47 $
Milk Semai5 Kg300৳3.53 $
Sugar12.5 Kg910 ৳10.71 $
Milk(Powdered)5 Kg2175 ৳25.59 $
Bags & Polythenes-180 ৳2.11 $
Transport Fees-70 ৳0.82$
Transaction & Cash-out-120 ৳1.41 $
Total27.5 Kg4305৳50.64$
Saved-800 ৳9.41 $


In Dhaka, Bangladesh, two or three days before Eid, everyone starts leaving the city for their village home to enjoy the festival with their families. But we saw many helpless people begging on the side of the road even on the day before Eid day. We tried to help them as far as we can.


Some Moments While Distributing Foods


@mahirabdullah @abuahmad @rifat3 (Team Dhaka) were in the management of this Eid Project. Insha-Allah in future, we'll come up with more charity works. For that, we want to thank the leaders of their respective area. Specially:-
@toufiq777 @abuahmad @nahidhasan23 @razuahmed @sobuj28 @masumrbd @sahadathossen @nadimmahmud

Thanks To Everyone Who Keep Supporting Us

Cc:- @steemcurator01

Post Courtesy:- @mahirabdullah

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I am very proud to be part of @bd-charity. This is beginning. I am sure @bd-charity will go a long way. Thanks to all the @bd-charity member. A great work has been done.

Que hermoso es ayudar al prójimo, Dios te bendiga por esa buena obra.

Alhamdulillah. Great job forever..

It's really great job 👍. Well done ✅

Great job @bd-charity. Humanity is still alive Ma Sha Allah

Great work bro.


I'm glad to see your work.