Official Update: "Project Ramadan 1.0" Ended Successfully | Provided Food Support To 35 Poor Families

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This is Official Update Post Of @bd-charity 's First Initiative "Project Ramadan 1.0"

Assalamualaikum. Hello Everyone! In this post, we are going to inform about latest update of "Project Ramadan". We are glad to share that our first project has been accomplished successfully.


Though it was very much challenging to proceed because of the strict lockdown in Bangladesh. Yet we worked very hard to execute our plan perfectly. Also, we maintained social distance & proper awareness while doing this job.

Fund Calculation & Expenditure

We were able to help more families than we targeted as the cost was lower than we initially estimated the price. Even we still have some money left over, which will be used in the next project

Donated FoodsAmount (KG)BDT (৳)USD ($)
Rice175 KG8000৳94.117$
Lentils35 KG2130৳25.058$
Onion70 KG2242৳26.376$
Potatoes70 KG940৳11.058$
Salt35 KG945৳11.117$
Dates10 KG1300৳15.294$
Oil35 Litre4480৳52.705$
Polythene & Bags-425৳5$
Cash-out & Transaction Charge-760৳8.941$
Transport & Labour Fees-650৳7.647$
Total Expenditure430 KG21872৳257.317$
Total Fund Collection-24842৳292.258$
Money Saved For Future Projects-2970৳34.941$

Project Details

We made a video on how we worked on this project. We mainly tried to provide foods to those families who don’t have any fixed financial support. Many of them lost their job due to coronavirus pandemic, but can't beg because of their self-dignity . We tried our best to hide their identity & help them as much as we can.

We provided more than 12KG foods to per family. There were some physically challenged & old people in the list. We tried to reach the foods in their doorstep as they were unable to carry the load. Also, we gave the transport fees to them so that they can reach their home without any difficulties.

Our Team Members

Fund Raiser & Administrator:-@mahirabdullah
Fund Raiser:- @abuahmad
Surveyor & Field Worker:- @rifat3
Adviser:- @tanveer741

Not only us, our cousins, relatives & friends came forward to help us from their end. We want to thank everyone for financial, physical & mental support.

Specially, we want to thank @toufiq777 & @nahidhasan23 for their constant support from the beginning of our journey. We hope we'll always find them by our side.

Our Future Plans

We have some specific plans for the future. We won't stop till we get support from everyone.

As we were able to save some money that was raised for "Project Ramadan 1.0", we are planning to start another Project called " Project Ramadan 1.1" where we will try to provide sweet & dessert food stuffs for the upcoming "Eid Ul Fitr" so that the poor families can start their Eid day with at least some sweets.

We'll share a detailed post on the upcoming project very soon. We wish we'll get support from all of you in this time too.


Post Courtesy:- @mahirabdullah

Earning From This Post Will Be Used In Future Projects Of @bd-charity

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You are doing a really great job. The great work of helping people may never be the same in this world. Each of us should help the helpless poor people around us. And of course those who can't ask for anything easily should be helped and supported. I am very glad to have many good wishes for you. Hopefully you will achieve success. May Allah help you.

নিঃসন্দেহে এটি একটি মহৎ উদ্যোগ । @mahirabdullah & @rifat3 ভাই খুব সুন্দরভাবে উপস্থাপন করেছেন ভিডিওটি।


ধন্যবাদ ভাই!!!

@steemcurator01 Sir. This was our first initiative of Betterlife Program. We'll be encouraged to work with more enthusiasm in future if we get support from you.

We would be grateful if you check our activity & support us. Thank You. (Sorry For The Mention)

You and your team have really done a great job.I hope you will help more helpless people in the future.Thank you.💛


Insha-Allah, we'll try our best.