My Village In Ten Pics || Ambaria || November 29, 2020

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My Dear Friends,
How are you all? Again I am here to show you the actual views of my village. Let's see the real views.

This is @eh-shohag from #Bangladesh


IMG20201129165144-01-01.jpegpc:V89P+RF Ambaria|w3w: placidity.package.welling

  • This is an under construction building will be used in the purpose of shopping center. It's a big opportunity for us.


IMG20201129162522-01.jpegpc:V8CP+VH Ambaria|w3w:peeler.recycling.hollows

  • It's known as water-pump. It's used im case of irrigation project in paddy field as well as jute field.


IMG20201129162910-01.jpegpc:V89P+VG Ambaria|w3w:matchbooks.booklets.envoy

  • It's well-known as Motor-Van. The smallest things are carried by the vehicle. But sometimes people come & return.


IMG20201129162417-01.jpeg pc:V8CP+VH Ambaria|w3w:peeler.recycling.hollows

  • We cultivate the land through it is better known as powertriller. However, in some areas it is also cultivated with tractors.


IMG20201129164242-01.jpeg pc:V89P+VG Ambaria|w3w:matchbooks.booklets.envoy

  • The man who sells the things is called Ayurvedic practitioner or physician.


IMG20201129161651-01.jpegpc:V8GQ+F3 Ambaria|w3w:weep.sponsor.narrowing

  • The equipment which is seen above mostly called as sugarcane threshers. It is hired under operating lease.


IMG20201129164053-01.jpegpc:V89P+VG Ambaria|w3w:matchbooks.booklets.envoy

  • This is a sweet shop. It is located in our local market. 1000 Kilo sweets are sold for Tk. 150 ($2.00) approximately.


IMG20201129162335-01.jpegpc:V8CP+VH Ambaria|w3w:peeler.recycling.hollows

  • This is our paddy land. We cultivate paddy here for 6 months in a season. There is a pile of paddy here and some farmers are standing there.


IMG20201129161305-01.jpegpc:V8GQ+FV Ambaria|w3w:kick.automobile.disjointed

  • That you can see in the pot is the rice seed from which the seedlings will be produced.


IMG20201129163326-01.jpeg pc:V89P+RF Ambaria|w3w: placidity.package.welling

  • The man you see is a street vegetable seller who goes to people's homes and sells the collected vegetables.

Have you any questions to know about me? Please leave a comment without any hesitation.I will humbly try to answer.

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Beautiful photography displaying the various aspect of your village. Did you have a walk in your village only for taking pictures, like a professional photographer??

Anyway, which district you are from, brother? There is one place named Ambaria in Kushtia as well.



No brother, I ain't professional.

Anyway, which district you are from, brother? There is one place named Ambaria in Kushtia as well.

You identification was absolutely right. Thank u so much.


So, you are from Halsa, Ambaria?


No bro, Ambaria is an union under Khoksa sub-dristrict.

অসাধারণ কিছু ছবি শেয়ার করেছেন। এই ছবিটা আমার বেশি ভালো লেগেছে।


Thanks a lot

You have posted many beautiful.You've added a lot of beautiful photography to your post.You have presented your post in a very beautiful way.

#affable #bangladesh


Thanks my dear. Keep watching & enjoying.

চরম চরম কিছু ছবি আপনি শেয়ার করেছেন৷ সত্যিই আপনাদের গ্রামের দৃশ্য গুলো অনেক সুন্দর। চতুর্থ ও পঞ্চম ছবি দুটি বেশি ভালো হয়েছে৷ তবে পঞ্চম ছবিটিতে যদি বিক্রেতার পুরো শরীরের ছবি শেয়ার করতেন তাহলে মনে হয় বেশি ভালো লাগতো। যাই হোক সব মিলিয়ে ফাটিয়ে দিয়েছেন আপনি। অনেক ভালো লাগলো আপনার পোস্টটি দেখে।


ভাই আপনিও কিন্তু এই পোস্টটি করতে পারেন। আপনার গ্রাম আমরা আরেকটু ভালো করে দেখতে পেতাম। ধন্যবাদ।

Your village is very beautiful. Photography has also been very beautiful. Which camera did you use to take the pictures? Thanks for introducing us to such a beautiful village.


Realme 6i
Aperture f/1.8
Model RMX 2040

Thank you for taking part in My Town In Ten Pics on Steem.

Great set of photos !

The Steemit Team


Thank you so much, Sir.