Beware of hackers


On the 14th, 97 steem moved from my account to an account named @socialbomber. I have no idea how this steem went to another ID. I did not transfer this myself. But later I saw that the steem of many people's accounts has been transferred to that ID in the same way. But I did not click on any link. So I don't understand how the transfer happened. But even then steem went from my ID to that ID. So I tell everyone to be careful. Thanks
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Screenshot (67).png


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Hi @fanhim

You may have used some third-part apps in the past where you have used your keys. I see you also have a power down now. Change your keys right away. It's quite clear that someone has access to your account and that they are now using the new account @socialbomber for the transfers

পূণরায় কাজ করা শুরু করো। 97 steem উঠে যাবে