The dairy game 06/09/2020

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Tonight was an exception. Because there was no electricity all night. Which is why I couldn't sleep at all. I can't sleep again if I don't have a habit current.

There are many people who don't remember anything when they sleep, they sleep like themselves. Sun, rain, hot earthquakes don't matter. They sleep first. As if they fall asleep, all peace. Of course, their night goes very well. Only people like me suffer a lot all night. Have to cross.

After that, it was almost morning, so I didn't sleep anymore. There was no electricity all night. I thought how much pressure was put on my mobile phone.

Finally, I had to get out of bed, before I got up and went out, I put on the mobile charge, if the current comes a little charge, the whole day will go like this. And we live in hope, there is no hope, the farmer lives in hope is such a thing.

I went out and took a walk, and the morning news on everyone's face was "there was no electricity all night". What a mosquito! Not a drop of sleep. I came home after hearing this news.

I washed my hands and face and had breakfast in the morning. There was semai and mudri in the breakfast. After eating and sitting in the room, I know why my head came with a heavy load, I felt a kind of sleep. So I tried to sleep.


Who knows, after sleeping, it will be like this in a sleep of 4 pm. Stay away from the invitation to eat in between, I don't even know where the clock has gone from. I only know that I was asleep. In fact, I needed a lot of sleep. It takes. It is a pleasure to work. It spends the whole day very well. Any work can be done with great ease. A waking feeling comes in the work.

Sleep is very beneficial for both our body and brain. We will sleep properly, and will not wake up at night. I will fall asleep as soon as possible. And I will try to sleep 7-8 hours daily during the day.

Anyway, I woke up, took a bath and had lunch. After eating, I went out to go to the field with a light rest. In the middle of the day, I met many big brothers and exchanged greetings with them. No, income on this side means there is another school after our field, they are all there.

So I went there. I walked slowly. I saw that they are all sitting. I connected with them


Friends are having fun

Friends are having fun

After connecting with them, I saw them sitting on the swing with the wheel and swinging. So I sat down once, I also sat down and ate the swing. Depression started to work, I had to go home and stay alone in that closed room.

Then everyone got up from the field, got up and started walking. When they came on the road, everyone said goodbye and went home.


Then a friend of mine and I went to the market. We had some work there. So at first he got his work done. Then we stood on the street and ate fried food. After eating, I left for my work.

My job again was at the Dutch Bangla Bank Agent Center. I went there to talk about the problem with an account.

Duch Bangla Bank

My job again was at the Dutch Bangla Bank Agent Center. I went there to talk about the problem with an account.

Dutch Bangla Bank is a very useful bank for us. Money can be withdrawn at any time. Mobile or card can be used at any one time. A great service to the people.

Then he finished his work and went to his house. I also came to my house. I came home and watched TV with my hands and mouth fresh. Then I listened to a little song on the phone


Finally my mother called me to eat and I ate.

After eating, I got ready to go to bed at night, so I went to bed without delay. Finally I came to the bed and swept the bed. I turned off the light and fell asleep.

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