The dairy game 19/09/2020

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It's a little late this morning. But today the sleep has been very comfortable. I woke up and sat on the bed for a while and went out for a walk. Once I went outside and saw a swan standing on the side of the road so I captured some pictures of them without saying a word.


The swan is eating grass on the ground
5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha


The swan is walking in a row 5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha


The swan is found everywhere in Bangladesh. It is very big to look at. Its skin color is white. Its eggs are also very big. I also enjoy eating it.

However, small children are very scared when they see it. Sometimes it scares people and people run after them.

Then I went home. I came home fresh and sat in the room. I sat in the room and began to eat the air of the fan. After a while my mother called me to eat.


Breakfast 5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha


This morning I had bread and fried eggs for breakfast. Most of the time I make bread at home in the morning. So like every day, I still fry my favorite eggs with bread. Then what else did I eat?

After breakfast I came to the room and sat down. In the meantime, my mother called me and told me to work at home. So what else to prepare for work. Finally, my mother and I started working together. .

Finally I finished the work around 1 pm.


After work I went to take a bath. After taking a bath I got fresh. Then I came to the room and listened to a little song. In the meantime my mother took a bath and cooked some favorite Bangladeshi food. Then I went to eat in the dining room.


Lunch 5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha


This lunch had fish chickpeas, cockroach fried, pulses. Which is almost a very tasty food. And Bangladeshi people mostly like these foods. I also like to eat these foods a lot. These foods contain a lot of vitamins. .

Then after lunch I came to the room and went to bed. Because my body is very tired today. So I don't want to do anything else. I don't even know when I fell asleep.


This afternoon I went to sleep in my sleep. So I could not go out this afternoon. So the afternoon has passed in my four walls.


Finally I woke up after 7 pm. I woke up and saw darkness all around. Then I was a little upset that I could not go out in the afternoon. I could not chat with friends.

Then I got out of bed and freshened up. I came to the room and sat down fresh and I remembered today Indian Premier League.

I watch Indian Premier League every time. So I will not miss this time. Finally I went to the TV room and sat down.

I bought some food items from the shop before the game started.


Chips 5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha


Fried peas 5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha

Fried chips and peas

It feels good to eat these. The fun of eating these is different when you watch the game. After buying these, the game started. Then I eat and watch the game.

After a while my mother came to feed me with apples. Then I ate apples.


Apple 5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha


Apple is a very good fruit for health. It is always available in the market. Its juice is very popular with people of all ages. It works with vitamin "C". However, apples are not always eaten, sometimes they are eaten. All of you will eat apples from time to time.

And I started eating these.

Indian Premier League

It is held in India every year. However, due to coronavirus infection all over the world, it is being held in Dubai this time. It is held every year in India. The best players play here.

Each team buys as many players as they want for their own team.

The game has started. Everyone is watching the game. I am also watching the game on the TV screen. There are some still images while watching the game.


Mumbai indians Captain 5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha


Caught out by csk player 5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha

Finally I finished the game. Chennai won the game and Mumbai Indians lost. But the game has been much better.


After the game I ate dinner. After eating I came to bed and fell asleep. It was late at night to watch the game so I fell asleep very early.

Be well
Love is endless.

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Great brother. Today's post has been the best of your diary posts so far. Thanks for using google location code. And that's why your post has become so interesting. Thank you for 100% power up. #onepercent #affable #bangladesh


Tnx vai..
Try my best proper pos for steem the dairy game


Nice dairy . Have a good day .

Which team do you support in the IPL?

Thank you



Yes also support ipl..
It was very demanded game..



তা ঠিক।
কিন্তু ,আইপিএলে আপনি কোন দলকে সমর্থন করেন?


ভাই আমি চেন্নাইকে সাপোর্ট করি..