The dairy game 20/09/2020

2년 전


Today I woke up a little late. I got up from bed at 8:30 in the morning. Then I got out of bed and freshened up. After freshening up, I came to the room and did some work.

Then I went out to meet a brother. After talking to him, I came home.

After coming home, my mother called me for breakfast. So I went to the dining room to have breakfast without delay.


Breakfast (5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha)


This morning there was bread and papaya bhaji for breakfast. It is very tasty to eat and I like to eat bread with fried eggs and it is very comfortable to eat. Besides, it is good to eat with anything.

After breakfast I came to the room. After coming to the room my mother called me to do some housework so I left the room to work. Then I started working. I rumored many break stories between work.


After work I went to take a bath. I took a bath and freshened up. Then I came to the room and listened to a little song. In the meantime my mother took a bath and then cooked the food. After eating, I came to the room and took a rest. After resting, I went out in the afternoon to go out.


I got out of the house and called a friend and said he is at the station so I went to the station. I met them there. Then I planned to walk along the line and go to our Bonarpara College today.

Then I started walking. In the meantime, I wanted to do some photography, so I did.


Station premises (5G7F+G7 Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha)


A goat is sitting at the station(5G7F+G7 Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha)

Sometimes I want to take a lot of pictures so I take them whenever I get a chance and I need to steam so what else is taken more.


On the way of collage road (5GFH+WF Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha)

Then my friends are walking towards the college together. In Eri I saw pulses being cooked in the hotel so I took another picture. What is more fun to eat pulses in the hotel.


The hotel is cooking pulses (5GFH+WF Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandh)

Then I entered the collage.

Bonarpara Government Degree Collage

This is the only government college in our Saghata police station. The quality of education and result is much better than all the colleges in our police station. If you want to study here, you have to apply online. Its campus is not very big.


Collage Shaheed Minar (5GGJ+6Q Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandh)

Collage Shaheed Minar

Shaheed Minar is present in almost every college. So it is here too. Every year it is redecorated. Shaheed Minar is used in many ceremonies of the college. Besides, it is a reflection of it so that we always remember our martyrs.


Collage campus (5GGJ+6Q Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandh)


Collage Campus building (5GGJ+6Q Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandh)

College Campus

All colleges have more or less campuses. The same is true here, but the campus of this college is much smaller in size. However, there are some high-rise buildings with some seating areas.

Then I left the college campus for home. We were friends. Then slowly everyone went to everyone's house. I also came to my house.


I entered the house and went to the bathroom to freshen up. After freshening up, I came to the room.


Semai(5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha)

After a while, my mother let me eat semai. I ate semai. After eating, I lay down in the room and took a rest.
Then I left the book and entered the steam and talked to the group.


Then my mother called me to eat. I went to eat dinner. After eating I came to my room. I did some work on steam. Then I used Facebook. Then I made the bed. I made the bed and got ready to sleep at night.

Be well
Love is endless.

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