The dairy game 23/09/2020

2년 전


I woke up in the morning and did some housework today. The morning started with work today. So what else is very tired in the morning.

I have to do all the housework. Then I got fresh and sat in the room to eat the air. After a while my mother called me to eat and I went to the room to eat.


Breakfast (5G6J+2J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha)

Egg fry and bread were for breakfast this morning. Egg fry and bread are like a common food. Everyone eats this if they have to eat bread in the morning. And those who eat rice are different.

After breakfast, I came to the room and sat down. In the meantime, my mother told me to pay the current bill and the market is over. I said ok, I'm going after a while.

Then I heard from my mother what the market would be like. After hearing all this, I left for the market. It takes about 7 minutes to go to the market from our house.

Before going to the market, I started thinking that I have to pay the current bill because it is too late to pay the current bill. So I went to the bank first to pay the current bill ..


Bank of Agriculture ( 5G6G+M3 Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha)


The line of current Bill ( 5G6G+M3 Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha)

I went to the bank and saw a lot of people, so I had to hold the serial. About 30 minutes later my serial came and I left the bank with the bill.


Vegetable shopkeeper (5G7F+7J Bonarpara,Shaghata,Gaibandha)

Then I went to the raw market to go to the market. I went to the market and bought some more useful things along with vegetables and came home.


When I came home, I saw that it was about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I left the bag in the kitchen and went to take a bath. After taking a bath, I fell asleep in the room. After eating, I came to the room and thought I would go out in the afternoon.

Because it has been raining a lot for the last few days, which has made it very difficult to get out. I didn't think it would work any more. The reason for not working is that it started raining at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

So I sat in the room and came back to bed. I didn't have a good afternoon. The only relationship with the room was with nothing outside. So I went to bed with depression.


It also rains in the evening. And what a pleasure to be in this one room all day. There is no way to stay still. After the evening, when the night light rain stopped. So I came back from outside the house. How is the knowledge and intellect. I stayed with the book for a long time.


After 9 pm, my mother called me to eat. I went to eat. After eating, I came to the room and did a little work on the steam. I read a lot of posts. I tried to see what new updates are coming on the steam blog. I left the mobile and fell asleep.

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Sundor lekhecen. Apni kiser bill dite bank a gislen?

Tatka sobj saster jonno onek upokari. Khete o darun.
#onepercent #bangladesh


vai ami biddud bil dite bank e gechilam..


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