The dairy game 9/09/2020

2년 전


This morning was very sweet. I woke up to see my little cousin came. His name is Lubdha. He is in class 8. He is my little cousin's son. Student is very good.

Then what happened to the two brothers. Light thin search news. Then I got out of bed and went to eat fresh.

This morning I had chira with milk for breakfast. It feels impossible to eat. I eat occasionally


Then the two brothers went out for a while. I went outside and came back. But I couldn't stay for long. Because it was raining.

Then the two brothers came home and started playing chess. He didn't get much, but he tried very well.

I played three chess matches. After the game I went to take a bath.


When I finished bathing, I went to eat. The lunch was rice and chicken. Today it is very well cooked. So I am eating a little more. So I am getting a lot of sleep. Went out.


Then I met my friends. I went to the line with them again to walk. There were many stories and many walks with them. It feels good to walk.
In between, I saw a lot of trains. But in a hurry, my mind went bad. The phone suddenly went off. Then I was able to open a lot of stories. Then there was a little peace butt charge is much less than before.




In the evening, everyone went to the house. Rafat and I went to the four heads. He will eat jhalmuri.

He is my friend's younger brother. Then I came home.
I came home fresh. Then I sat down to watch TV. I didn't like watching TV.
So I went to bed.


I woke up at 11 o'clock at night. I woke up and ate dinner. After eating, I went back to bed. But then I started to paralyze the phone again.

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Brother today was September 12. And you are writing in the title 9 September. Didn't you settle it intentionally? I have commented on some of your previous posts about this If you miss a reason for 1 day, he will be able to post the next day But you can't post 3 days ago today. #diarydoctor #bangladesh