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My Dear Friends,
I am @js15 from Bangladesh

Today is Thursday
13-January -2022

Assalamu Alaikum friends. How are you all? Hope everybody is well. I am also much better by the grace of God. So I'm starting today's diary. Getting started

  • Morning
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    I woke up at 6 o'clock today and woke up feeling very cold so I got up from bed and took the phone in my hand and started chatting with my friends on facebook on facebook. I chatted with my friends for some time. I got out of bed with my brush in hand and went to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and I went back to the room. In winter and winter, tea is available in everyone's house. We have tea in our house. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! I'll be at the store every now and then.

  • Noon and afternoon
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    I closed the shop at noon and went home. I closed the shop a little late. I went home and left the keys of the shop and sat down to watch TV. Before I could finish, a friend of mine called me. And I went to the street for my friend and waited for him to come. After a while he left. We both went to Parbatipur. My friend went to Parbatipur to buy some winter clothes. I come home, go to the bathroom, take a bath, come back to the room, eat and drink, lie down on the bed, get up early because I am very tired, and after a little sleep, I wake up, go to the bathroom at 4 o'clock, with tears in my eyes, I go to the store again. Aslam opened the shop and sat down.


    Device: Realme 5i

  • Night
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    We cut each night the same way I closed the shop at night and went home then ate. After eating, I went outside to hang out. I went outside and saw. I went out and chatted with some of my older brothers and came back home. When I came home, I lay down on the bed with the phone in my hand. Not being able to sleep, I started running Facebook on my phone. When I finally woke up I fell asleep


    Friends this was in my diary today. Hope you it. See you again in my new diary. Until then, everyone will be fine. God bless you.




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