THE DIARY GAME : 9/1/2021

4개월 전

Today I start my day with the sound of that sweet morning call to prayer.

My Son Araf, W8FV+4P Bhadai, Bangladesh

Today I heard the call after many days. Today I called Asma. We both prayed. Then I had breakfast. I recited the Qur'an. When my son got up, I took him around from outside. When I got home, I fed my wife and son.

After eating I went out. And as soon as he came, he washed his hands and feet and gave the call to prayer.

Then I took a bath and went to prayers. I came from the prayers and brought my sister. My sister is coming today.

My Son Araf, W8FV+4P Bhadai, Bangladesh

Then the two of us ate together. After eating, the two of them talked together.

Everyone called for a meeting while talking. Coming from the prayers, I ate breakfast and went for a walk with my sister. He came on foot and called for Maghrib. Then I went to prayers.

I came from prayers and went to the market. After shopping, I ate dinner and went to bed.

That's how my day ended today.


Thank you

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