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My Dear steemians,
How are you Everyone ?
Hope you all are fine and having a good day.
I am @mdsamad from 🇧🇩Bangladesh🇧🇩


** January ‐18, 2021, Monday **


    #Picture of sunrise in the morning
This is a scene of the morning sun rising. Today I wake up at five in the morning and get up, wash my hands and face, brush, and when I go out, I go up to my roof and see a picture of the sun coming out of the roof. And this is my first picture in the morning.


  #Picture taken next to the wheat field

I go for a walk every morning. This is my daily routine. And according to that rule, I went for a walk today. Walking along the side of the road I saw a beautiful wheat field. Now during the winter, the people of the countryside are sowing wheat in their fields and so I saw this wheat field right by the side of the road. And so a picture of myself standing on the side of the wheat field standing on the street. I liked the picture.


       #Photography of village road
This is the road you see in the picture. I walk twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon, especially in the morning and an hour and a half and in the afternoon I am on the road for 2 hours. The village road is really beautiful especially in the afternoon time so there is a nice environment to walk and so this afternoon time and in the morning I walk on this road. I like to walk a lot. This keeps my body in good health and works hard and so I am very happy. And so today I am showing you a picture of my walking path here.


   #Photography tobacco field
This is a tobacco field in a rural area. Tobacco is an addictive substance. Usually the people of the village cultivate and their market price is quite good but it is harmful to health. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. And so the people of the village do this cultivation. This was the case next to the street I was walking on. This photo was taken while walking down the street.


    #Picture wheat field
I took a picture while standing next to the wheat field in the morning. He took pictures in the afternoon while walking around again. And this is the picture of that wheat field. Now they will grow in a few days. Wheat usually takes three to four months to mature. And they are only one month old. These will be completed in three months. And it looks pretty good in these conditions, it will look more beautiful when it grows up. Moreover, wheat contains a lot of food and nutrients. Ordinary wheat is used to make a variety of products, especially wheat glue. Wheat is then used to make a variety of food items.


            #view of nature
This picture is taken from the roof of the house. A beautiful view of nature. Just before I went for a walk in the afternoon, when I was on the roof, I was very happy to see the beauty outside, so a picture of the real beauty was taken from the roof of the house. And this is the picture.


      #Me & my friend @mdhosain

The latest picture in the afternoon. Pictures taken just as Hussein and I were walking down the street together in the afternoon. In fact, the fun of walking in the afternoon is different. I sit at home all day and walk whenever I get time in the afternoon. And that's why I like to walk around in the afternoon.




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nice photography..
@mdmasud brother ..

i hope you succes.


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