The Diary Game [ January‐04, 2021] 100℅ power up

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My Dear steemians,
How are you Everyone ?
Hope you all are fine and having a good day.
I am @mdsamad from 🇧🇩Bangladesh🇧🇩


** January ‐04, 2021, Monday **

      #Photography papaya tree
Assalamu Alaikum. Hope everybody is well. Today my diary post is a little different. Today I will highlight the beautiful photography of several places in the diary post.
Photography papaya tree. The papaya tree has many beautiful papayas. And it is beautiful to look at. And so today I took a picture of this papaya tree. And this tree is my own. This tree has been planted for the last 1 year. And in between
The papaya tree bears good fruit. They are very beautiful, the tree is also getting big. Five to six years from a papaya tree
Papaya is not available. And papaya is a very tasty fruit. I like to eat papaya. So it was planted in a garden next to my mother's house. And today I took a picture of that papaya tree. Which I am sharing here as the first picture.


   # Photography mango tree
This is my second photography. And this is a mango orchard. This garden belongs to our Union Parishad. The garden is an open garden. This is the Union Parishad. So whenever there is fruit here, everyone in the union eats mango from this tree. And it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain it. So no one ever spoils it. Everyone knows that this is our asset. Today I went to that garden. I took this picture after going and digging a lot. This is our Union Parishad song. We have planted different types of mango trees in the mango orchards of this Union Parishad. There are different types of mango trees especially Amrupali, Nengra, Bumbai, Himsagar, etc.

   #Photography herdsman & cows

Photography Number third. A picture taken in the afternoon. This picture was taken in the afternoon when a herdsman was walking towards the house with a cow. This is how he goes to graze in the field with cows every day. Especially they come to the field at 10 am. And returned home at five o'clock in the afternoon. This is always their daily routine. There are about 10 to 20 cows in a herd. And a large cow stays in the herd for a minimum of 30 to 40 hours. And with it there is a stick with the shepherds. I took this picture standing on the side of the road just as I was walking down the street this afternoon.

     #Photography Rice seedlings
Photography number four . This is a small rice seedling. Seedlings have to be prepared before planting. It is in that tree. And from these saplings great wealth is made. These saplings have to be planted 1 month before planting. The first step is to create land. Then rice seeds have to be sprinkled on that land. After regular care, the seedlings become suitable in about a month and a half. And this is the rice seedling. In addition, they are now suitable for planting in the land. Today when I went to see my rice seedlings in the field. This picture was taken at that time.


    # Last picture at night
This is my own picture. And this is taking at night. This picture was taken just when I was going to the market tonight. I go to the market once every night. And go there and have tea and drink. And come hang out there for a while. Today I went to the tea shop in the market. This picture was taken on the way.

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