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Hello beautiful people,
Hope you are doing well. I am going to participate in a contest on science, technology, and computing organized by the Steem Bangladesh community. A big thumbs up from my side for providing us with a good platform.


What is E-Ball Technology?

It is a new revolution in the design of our PC world. It is a sphere-shaped PC that has all the common features like keyboard, mouse, display, DVD, etc, which is available on traditional laptops and desktops. But it doesn't have an external display unit like other PCs. It has a projector which will pop up on the wall. It is the smallest design among the available PC. The coolest thing about this PC is when the PC is closed any general person can not guess that this thing can perform all the computer functions. They will think of it as a normal box. Though this technology is cool it isn't implemented yet, it's just a concept.

Who Introduced E-Ball Technology?

Based on out-of-the-box thinking, a designer called Apostol Tnokovski has thought about this concept of PC. He proposed that he will build the world's smallest PC sphered shaped and it will be called E-ball. He proposed that this PC will have a button and by pressing it a projector screen will pop up and the user can navigate on that screen. He has designed this PC for Microsoft Windows OS and his proposed diameter measure for this PC is 160mm.

Configuration for E-Ball Technology


For the E-ball technology PC design the proposed configuration is given below:-

  • Processor will be dual-core
  • HDD will be 250-500 GB
  • A 2GB RAM
  • There will be integrated graphics and sound card
  • Speaker section will have 2x50W
  • It will have an HD-DVD recorder
  • LAN and WAN cards will also be there
  • Wireless optical mouse will be there with a laser keyboard
  • Webcam and integrated projector will also be there

So, far it's a good configuration for this small size of PC.

How E-Ball Technology will work?


Mainly E-ball is a box, which doesn't have any display, keyboard, or mouse like the traditional PC. It has a button on the top and by pressing it a projector display will pop up on the wall. If the wall is not present then it has a paper sheet holder which can be used as a monitor. For the keyboard, it will have a laser keyboard which is a concept so far and it will recognize fingers with an IR sensor. This PC will be a great handy in-office presentation, video playing, large screen movie, listening to music, and performing other general internet things.

Advantages E-Ball Technology

  • Most important thing is, this PC will be portable
  • It will be much more efficient
  • This PC will be a more secure one
  • It will be very easy to use
  • It will provide great handy support for video presentation

Disadvantages E-Ball Technology

  • Other operating systems can not work on this computer
  • It will be difficult to find out any hardware error as it's a compact size
  • This PC will cost a huge amount of money for production

Now, technology has vast improvement. It's possible to have the whole computer inside our pocket and use it anytime, anywhere. And this ball computer will take the computer world a further level ahead.

I would like to invite @norbemigbe87, @thairisdc to participate

Thanks a lot

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It is a new revolution in the design of our PC world. It is a sphere-shaped PC that has all the common features like keyboard, mouse, display, DVD, etc

Nice to know about it. Informative post. Thank you for sharing.

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