Photography Contest | 17-02-2022

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Hello, Beautiful people. Hope you are doing well in this pandemic situation.

I am participating in a photography contest organized by Steem Bangladesh. Thanks, @sohanurrahman, @hive-138339 for organizing such a wonderful contest.

Hope you will like it.

First Pic

River Photography


A few days ago, I have visited Rajshahi due to some family issue. That time, I have visited all around the Rajshahi town and of course the famous Padma bank of Rajshahi. The photo I have shared with you, this place is called T-Badh at Rajshahi. I had visited this place with my sister and a friend in the afternoon. I have captured lots of photos there but this one is the most beautiful one. The day, we visited there I don't know why that place was too crowded. That's why I was not able to feel the raw nature despite that this photo looks beautiful with the sunset and river. Hope you liked it.

Second Pic

City Photography


This photo was captured at Parbatipur railway station in a clowdy weather. That day, I was passing over the bridge of the railway station then, I suddenly noticed that the sky and weather look awesome and I captured that photo.

Third Pic

Food Photography


Last year we organized a picnic to celebrate the new year. The item for our picnic was chicken Barbecue and naan bread. We prepared the barbecue by ourselves and the naan was ordered from a restaurant. It was a beautiful and nostalgic day in my memory. The chicken looks very crispy and delicious. That's why I did some food photography on it. I think this looks really delicious, isn't it?

Fourth Pic

Hill Photography


Past few months ago, I have visited one of the famous tourist spots of Bangladesh Sitakunda. It was a day tour and we visited Chandranath hill and the temple in the morning. This photo was captured when we were climbing up the hill. This view seems awesome to me.

Fifth Pic

Nature Photography


I like to travel a lot. That's why whenever I get time, I try to visit around my town. This place is one of my favorite places in my town. Whenever I get the time and opportunity to visit this place I just utilize it. This photo was captured a few days ago in the afternoon when I was visiting this place with my friends.


Sea Photography


When I was visiting Sitakunda for a day trip, I visited Guliakhali sea beach in the afternoon. Fortunately, it was high tide time and the place looks awesome at that moment. It was one of the beautiful moments in my life and nature charmed me with her beauty. The sky, sea, tree, weather everything was perfect for me to overwhelm me.

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Awesome pictures bro. Thank you for taking part in the contest .

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