Contest:My life story

4개월 전

Hello steemain i will be share my short story to you guy on ,


I am a 25yr-old with a story stay in the medical field am a microbiologist since the beginning of the covid pandemic we have been on the field trying to safe live,it has not been easy because most people here in Africa believed it was all lies and we here lack alot of materials to use in working, i have been infected by the virus twice but thank God am till here .
The first time i was infected in knew that all for me because of all the negative talks i heard around from family and friends but after been place on some drug i got strong so since that day that fear of the virus left me am a strong active member on the field carrying out the covid testing and give advice on how to prevent the spread of the virus .
My greatest driving force in this work is when i see a patient that has recovered from the virus it makes me happy and i want to do more and safe more people

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