Contest : How to Promote Steem to Your Family, Friend and Others ?

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Hello Everyone

I am @ridoykhan22 (Mod Steem Bangladesh)

Well everyone know that ... My last contest was about colorful steem logo contest .. and this contest was successfully complete . i am very happy that a huge number of percipient are join in this contest .. there are more then 30 entry in this contest . there are a person from out of Bangladesh come to join this contest and i am really appreciate this. @remyrequenart Thanks to join the previous contest

About the Contest

So we are all promoting steem in different place specially in social media .. But is not enough i think we need to add some extra idea to promote steem . That will be any thing .. So i need your suggestion , How to promote steem in friends , family also out of this that can steem reached to everyone.. So share your idea about promoting Steem

Contest Deadline : 18-09-2020 to 23-09-2020


  • Everyone Can make 1-2 entry (If your want)

  • You can use minimum 1 photo in you blog

  • Try to use little : promote steem by : (your title)

  • Your blog Must Reach 150 words

  • Put your blog link in this post comment section

  • Use tag #promo-steem #contest #competition #steem

  • Post your blog in steem bangladesh community

These are very simple rules . you need to maintain all the rules

Prize Distribution

Total prize : 10 steem
1st Place = 4 STEEM
2nd Place = 3 STEEM
3rd Place = 2 STEEM
4th Place = 1 STEEM

I hope everyone join this contest and tell your idea

I am asking @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 to support all the percipient of The contest . It will be more good for everyone


If you have any question you can knock me in facebook , discord and others .


Thanks for your time

You Can find me in





Discord : #ridoykhan22#0033


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Great initiative 👍

It's a great initiative.