Don't Give Up .. Your Post Must Be Curate

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Hello everyone

I know that everyone is get panic because they didn’t get upvote . but please be patients . Your post must be upvoted by Curators . you just need to work properly . some people are getting hope less and its very bad situation . I know that but you have to be patients because you can see here every day many post are curated by @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 . so there is a hope that every post will be curated . if any missed they it will be double up . so don’t be hopeless try to continue your work.

Everyone see that everyday may comment are curated and also post are curated by @steemcurator02 . so why you are all hopeless . there are only 10 days of #thediarygame . everyone should continue this. Its for you . because when @steemcurator01 comes o to your blog and see there are not post left how could its upvoted your blog . ? So don’t stop your work and continue this ..

Some users are get hopless and stop working .. I suggest to everyone please don’t stop your work and posting in #thediarygame . Your post must be Upvoted by @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 and @steemitblog

There is only 10 days Left of #thediarygame .. So everyone please continue your work properly.. and Don't Give up

Knock me If you have Any Question

Thanks for your time

You Can find me in





Discord : #ridoykhan22#0033


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Wow what a great motivational post. Thank you very much for this awesome video. I am really very much appreciate to your post. Now i am motivated. I hope everyone will be continue this diary game post.