How Could We Get Support By Curators and @Steemitblog !

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Hello everyone

WE are all working in this platform and trying to make our blog better . we are all engage with #thediarygame and and in our community . But there are some problem we face . We didn't get much support by @steemcurator01 and didn't visit our blog by @steemitblog .

Here is some trick how to get visit your blog by curators

  • Make your blog proper
  • Use Markdown and style in your blog
  • Try to use more Photos in your blog
  • Use caption all of your photos
  • Use location in your photo in caption
  • Read others blog and left a good comment
  • Upvote others post .
  • use #diarydoctor and your country name in comment if your find any problem in others blog
  • use #onepercent and your country name in comment and make a good comment
  • try to perticipet all the contest which is run different community in

These are simple way to to get visited your blog by @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog


Find contest : click the link you can find the running contest in

How to use GOOGLE PLUS Code? click the link

This are the simple way you can get visit your blog by @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog

Hope all this trick will be working properly and if you apply all of these you must be visited.. Feel free to comment and send me message if you have any question

Hope everyone will get support as soon as possible

Attention to CR Bangladesh @tarpan and @toufiq777

Thanks for your time

You Can find me in





Discord : #ridoykhan22#0033


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You mistyped. Not the #steemdoctor. That will be the #diarydoctor. And this ( #diarydoctor #bangladesh) you have to use these tags.


correction complete .. thank you

To succeed in this platform, we just need to engage with others. The learn form them. Make a good communication. Steemit is the best platform to create global communication.

Im doing all these things. Then why I'm not getting any votes from @steemcurator01


be patients bro . i hope everyone must be Curated ..