The Diary Game : 13-9-2020..... Learning Computer

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Hello everyone
Here is my diray

its was very simple day for me because yesterday I am sending hole day in my home. I am not going anywhere because I have too much work with my computer and my laptop . well I am just complete my laptop installation all the software in at my home. You can easily see in my previous post I am saying that I am going to market to complete my all work of my computer and actually desktop computer. So I am just take this at home yesterday. So today I am just too much work to working with this computer installing all the software and all others work is very difficult and its take too much time. You can easily understand that this person who is the using too much computer. He need to install the app and all the software installing it take too much time. So I am working on this installing all the software in my computer, but there is too much a big software that I used as html also Adobe Photoshop and also camtasia Studio 8. so you can easily understand that this software is too heavy and it takes too much time to install and complete all the configuration and is so I am just working on this and because of all this work, I am not going out today at day time. So I spending all day in there and working and complete my PC properly ok.

Learning Computer at club ..QVHR+HC Saidpur

Learning Computer at club ..QVHR+HC Saidpur

I am going to market because I have too much work. what to do and a full day I am just spending at my home. So I need to spend some moment at out of home. So I am going to market it was a supermarket in our town and this market is always overcrowded. So I am trying to take to the production and using my mask but when I am going to click the photo then I am using the marks remove the mask.

Saidpur Plaza Super Market ..QVJW+Vg Saidpur

You can easily say that. It's a supermarket and this market is always overcrowded and there is some too much motorcycle. We can see behind my photos am And so you can easily understand that how much people in this market. This market is not too much big but there are too much people always I had to shopping and others there . so I am complete some work and after completing my work I am going to home as soon as possible.

Night it was very important time for us because there is a big brother is it and he is good at computer. So we are all here to learning computer specially graphic design. So I am don't know actually a graphic design properly. I know Adobe Photoshop properly, but working with Illustrator is very difficult for me. So I am here to learn something about here about to talk to him as we can see that he is start working on this my laptop and we are all here to learn this. you know that when you are trying to make a logo or making a banner is very important to know about Illustrator because you have to work with Illustrator and making Bennett so it's very important for me to know about illustrated and how to work it. Actually I know existed or something but not properly. I am here with some of my brothers and hard to learn about Adobe Illustrator properly and he is good at this. So I was pending they are at who much time to learn this and after this I am back to home.

Hope We are Working properly. and everyone get Vote by steem curetors

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You have had a wonderful day.You have received a good education.I think everyone needs to learn computer.Computer education makes a very important contribution to a person's personal and social life.I love teaching your computer.Thank you. I like your teaching very much.