The Diary Game : 14-9-2020 ... Spending A normal Day

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Hello Everyone

Diarygame is very simple for everyone. and you need to share your daily activity.. here is mine

reuind.jpgEating Puri at Saidpur..QVQR+J4 Saidpur

t8eka8.jpgTea Time Saidpur..QVQR+J4 Saidpur

This day is also very simple for me . because I am also spending in home . because day time is very a boarding and also very hot weather. So I am not going out at a daylight. I did, you know that some people think I am a vampire and not going out at the light while. it's not actually that is just the funny thing actually, I don't like to go out at the daylight. because daylight is the weather is very hot and in this hot weather. I don't like to go out and its make too much problem for my skin and other. so as usual I have some problem in my skin and this is skin issues are getting bigger when I am going out at the light and also in hot weather. So I am is Spending My day in at my home and evening I am starting my outing. and others.

So I am spending all day at my home and then doing too much work at my home, you know that in your home there is too much work . you have to do that was your maintenance everything at your home. So I am spending this date doing a different kinds of work. sometime making some photography and others and working with this.

rgkqzu.jpgBike riding at Saidpur

Well, then I am is start outing at evening. In evening. I am going out with my friend for in a small hotel and this hotel is a really very beautiful. And because I like this types of hotel. at this hotel is very small in size and their other things are very tasty . so I am ordered a Puri and also taking tips, you know that the police are very very tasty at this hotel and this hotel is making this Puri with special . so this Puri very tasty, then I am just taking it in his jealousy in this photo was at this it is actually really very very tasty because sometimes you have to work and need some tasty food that this you cannot get this food oothers Hotel another place and because this is actually very common.

Then I am going to bike ride in with my friend. You can see here. This is the market for seeing this place is very beautiful full and overcrowded and you can easily understand that there in night. This town is looking to beautiful and this town is called a night town because everyone is getting active at night. But in day time no one is trying to going out because of weather. So I am just making a bike riding with my friend. It was a extraordinary moment for me because we are both enjoy this riding at night too much and spending moment with by bike riding and after this I am back to market because I have to buy some daily necessary things. So after closing this bike riding as soon as possible and I am going to market as soon as possible.

oyalkj.jpgShoping Time Saidpur

I am buying some necessary things which is very important for me and my mum call me to buy some daily necessary thing which is in which is very indeed and so I am going to the shop and buy this kind of thing as eating and others . so I am just complete this work as soon as possible and then I am going to home as because I have to complete my dinner because without dinner I am getting very hungry. So I am the complete this shopping and then back to home as soon as possible then fresh and complete my dinner .

This this simple day as I am spending . Hope everyone is properly work in this platform and get the proper support.

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