The Diary game by @safi01 ||20-09-21||


Hello..!! Hello Everyone.
Assalamu alaikum
how are you all, hope you are well by the grace of allah, i am well too,
I am in Steem Bangladesh
I'm going to write about diary games.



picture of me with my brother

I woke up this morning, I finished brushing, then I finished eating, then I finished eating and T-shirt came out. How did I go out? There is a shop in front of the house. I was sitting in front of the shop. When it was ten o'clock to play, my younger brother Shishir came. He was sitting and chatting with him. He was sitting with him. The two of them were playing.I was sitting there and playing cram on my mobile. I was playing disc pool game. It was ten o'clock when I was playing the game. Then my younger brother Shishir came. I was sitting and chatting with him. What can you do if you can play Keram. Then the two of them went home after playing Keram board for a long time.



picture of pond with duck

Sitting there, playing carom, I saw a lot of things together, then it was time to play carom board, Just at noon I was walking with my younger brother Shishir. There is a liquor store. I went to that shop to go to school. I went to the shop and ate tea. I ate biscuits & etc, While I was having tea at the store, one of my older brothers came downstairs. I gave him a cup of tea. After having tea, he was a van driver. Come on, it was a little difficult for me, because the clouds in the sky were not good, so I went home in my brother's van.
it was late afternoon, I went home, I went home, took a bath, ate and drank, then rested a little.



picture of beautiful sky

Just come home at noon and go to sleep and spit. I went to bed to take a bed rest. I woke up in the afternoon. It was almost evening. I left the house at that time. There is a place next to the school in that neighborhood. I was chatting when the condition of the cloudy sky was very beautiful. At that time I looked at the sky and brought the camera. It was a beautiful afternoon. A beautiful moment. We all talked together. Stories Stories Stories of my mind All the stories have been spent sitting and talking. Give me the Maghrib Azan. I have a bicycle. I came home in the evening with a bicycle. I came home and rested a little. After my day was over, I ate and drank and said goodbye like today, then I fell asleep.


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