THE DIARY GAME : 07/08/2020

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Hope everybody on this site also had a great day, and I wish you all the best.

This is the second post of The Diary Game Season 2 given by me.

Thank you @sajibmolla17 to invite me on steem.

It's too late to wake up this morning because of watching TV at night, I woke up at 9:15 this morning, my mother didn't make breakfast at home this morning because I was sick, I got up as usual brushing, t-shirt, pants ready to go to the store Before leaving, I explained the medicine to my mother and went out to work. I went out of the house and went to the market after walking 1 km. I went straight to the hotel and had breakfast. I opened the shop, arranged everything, cleaned my hands and feet and sat in the shop,
After sitting in the shop at 10:30, Dulabhai came, I talked to my brother, an hour passed like this, brother left as usual talking, half an hour later his younger brother Munshi, and my friend Shaon came, we were talking to them. The three of us had breakfast, ate Singara, called Azan in the mosque to chat like this, closed the shop at 12:25 minutes after Azan, my friend Shaon took me to my house by bike, I changed my clothes at home, Chance Ammar I approached her, inquired about her, told her if the fever was down, she was still the same, everyone would pray for my mother, after talking I took a bath with soap ketch, lungi, towel, took a bath and went out, put on new clothes. At 1:10 minutes I went out to perform Jumma prayers, after the prayers I left the mosque and after some discussion with the younger brothers and elder brothers of the area 1:50 I came home, came home and changed my Punjabi pajamas,
Because my mother was sick, today my little aunt arranged for us all to eat, we all had lunch together, white rice, beef, patal bhaji, greens, finished eating, no worries about going to the store because it was Friday, so I went to bed. , I was watching TV lying down, watching Indian comedy show, The Kapil Sharma Show, I like comedy shows very much,



I didn't even realize when I turned on the TV, I woke up at 5:00 pm, my friend I called Shaon, he came in a short time, the three of us, Shaon, Ziarul and I went for a walk, to see the countryside of the village,


to turn around and open the shop in the evening No, I closed the shop at 9:30, walked home, changed my clothes, freshened up, then went to my mother to find out if my fever had gone down, if I had taken any medicine, I sat down to eat, white rice , Mashed potatoes, meat, after eating, I made the bed with a broom and went to bed, old days on TV Watching cricket matches,


That's how my day ended,
Thanks to @ sojibmolla17 for inviting me to
Everyone should follow the hygiene rules during Korora Kalin, keeping every member of the family safe.
"Stay Home, stay Safe"

If there is a mistake, please look at it with forgiveness, if there is any mistake, let me know, then I will try to present it correctly next time.

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you are sick or your mother was sick? I didn't understand that's why i'm asking.
By the way, your post is really good.

Thanks for sharing your diary with us,

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