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Greetings to all of Steemit

"The night is getting darker, I can't sleep yet"


It's too late to go to bed at night, it's too late to wake up this morning, I wake up at 10:10 in the morning
I woke up and saw my uncle calling me to go to the store, I got up late, so I got up and brushed, brushed and had breakfast,

  1. Tea
  2. Biscuits
    I had breakfast and it was about 10:30, I got dressed and went out, I came out of the house with a van and came to the shop, I came to the shop and opened the shop, I opened the shop and sat down, then Sajib bhai came, I met my brother after a long time, so my brother I talked a lot with him,


my brother left after staying for an hour, I was sitting in the shop and it was noon, I closed the shop at 1:40 and went to visit Saon, I didn't like sitting in the shop anymore, so I came back from the market. I went home, went home, changed my clothes and took a bath, took a bath and sat down to eat lunch, today was

  1. White rice
  2. Beef
  3. Fry karla potatoes
    After lunch, my uncle called me and asked me to bring him some rice. I also went to the shop with rice in 3:25 minutes without delay.


I watched the matches all afternoon, I spent time watching the old matches till evening,



the evening was a little stressful, so the time went by like this, after 9 o'clock I got a little free and watched the drama in the store, the 'tram card' was very good.



It was 11:30, I calculated everything, closed the shop, came home with my uncle, closed the shop when everything was fine. It was night,

  1. White rice
  2. Karla potato fry,
    I ate and went to bed, went home, today my body is very tired, nothing feels good today, I can't fix my mind on anything since morning, my mind is not sitting on any work in the shop, my body is not obeying anything, I am restless today, so today is over
    Let's be thankful for what I have spent in the infinite grace of Allah, I have spent well in this way
    Everyone will obey government laws to stay healthy, keep themselves and their families safe
    "Stay home, Stay safe"
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Very nice writing.

চঞ্চল চৌধুরীর নাটক গুলো সেই লাগে৷ ঐ একটা মাল।

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