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Greetings to all of Steemit
It's morning, open the door, baby, you get up ...
This morning it started like this, around 7 in the morning my mita called me and said, for me or he took a pineapple car, I never expected anything like that when I woke up, I told Mita, who are you calling, check carefully, I am your mita , Then he woke up, this morning started early for him, so I woke up at 7 in the morning and saw the hot summer in the eastern sky, I came back from outside the house, came and brushed, brushed and lay down again, Facebook, messenger, this morning It's 9 o'clock, breakfast is ready, today breakfast is new, today was breakfast, home made 'khichuri'

breakfast, after getting dressed, I got ready to go to the shop, took the van from home, walked one km and got down in front of the shop I opened it, cleaned the shop, sat in the shop, sat in the shop and started watching old-fashioned cricket matches in the morning, and shopped, time passed like this, then I saw the clock ticking at 12:20, today being Friday,
I closed the shop at 12:30. , Closed and came home, came home, changed my clothes and went to take a bath, took a bath and came to Punjabi I went to pray after prayers, came home at 2 o'clock after prayers, came home and had lunch, it was noon today.

  1. White rice
  2. Beef
  3. Patal Bhaji
    After eating, I rested for a while, after resting, my uncle came home and said I will go to eat the invitation, after a while I will come to the shop, so I left the house at 3:10 minutes without delay, went to the shop, my uncle left to eat the invitation, I sold grass in the hot afternoon sun, I sold grass from noon to midnight today, and I was chatting with Abir in the next shop, Abir fed me coffee at noon, I fed him sugarcane juice in the afternoon, he was spending time like this, the pressure increased in the evening, I did the shopping, I did the shopping, then I did the shopping all day and settled everything, I came home on foot, I came and changed my clothes and ate myself fresh, I ate and went to bed,

Today the day passed like this

Many thanks to sojibmolla17 for inviting me to such a beautiful platform of steemit

Everyone will follow the rules of health, keep life safe

"Stay home, stay safe"

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog for so long

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Beautiful post


Today is a weekly holiday. Do you have to keep your shop open even on this holiday? In our Syedpur, shops are open only till 12 noon on Fridays. #onepercent #bangladesh

How much you charge for grass?


greeting from @tarpan