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I fell asleep together after posting last night, so I thought I would wake up early this morning, "Suzy Mama, before I wake up, I'll wake up," but I couldn't, I woke up at 8 o'clock this morning Because of my younger brother, they come and shout in the morning,


little people don't have to say anything, they have to endure a thousand annoyances, anyway, I woke up and brushed, I came and had breakfast, I had breakfast today I drove to the store at 8:40 am, the reason for going so early today, yesterday uncle was not there, so I had to cover 2 shops, I went to the store this morning because there was no grass to sell tomorrow, I went to the store and sold grass till 10 o'clock, by then Uncle came, then I opened my shop, opened the shop, sat down with an incense burner, the notification came just to turn on the data with the phone in hand. , Bar in yesterday's match Barcelona surrendered helplessly to Bayan, Bayan won the match 8-2 ​​with a single dominance throughout the match,


I don't know when I saw such a humiliating loss to Barcelona, ​​where Messi's tuk-tuk was not found in football,



I watched several cricket matches after watching the match. It was 1 o'clock, I closed the shop and cut my hair, it was 2 o'clock when I cut my hair, I came home after cutting my hair, I changed my clothes and took a bath, after bathing I came home and sat down for lunch, today was

  1. White rice
  2. Potato eggplant
  3. Jute spinach
    Uncle's phone, not to rest after eating, asked him to take rice for him, so I hurriedly took the rice for my uncle in the store, went to the store and sat down, I don't know why I was sleeping so much this afternoon, I was sleeping with two eyes, I was wishing I came home and slept, it was getting late in the afternoon watching old day cricket matches,


it rained a few times in the evening, the sky was overcast, what a horrible nature, it was night when I was shopping, I got some free time, watching wrestling on the phone I started, I saw matches of Roman Reigns, Ambrose, Save Rolens, I like to watch wrestling,



I used to gossip when I was young, I ran away from reading books and watched a lot of wrestling in other people's houses. Sometimes I see it, it's 11 o'clock at night, yesterday and today I calculated for two days, understood my uncle, closed the shop and came home, changed my clothes and sat down to eat fresh, it was night

  1. White rice
  2. Eggs, onions
    After eating and searching for my mother's body, I came home and lay down, thus ending the day

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Everyone should follow the rules of hygiene for the safety of themselves and their families

Many thanks to everyone

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hey bro i make a tutorial . i am attach this with my blog and also in discord server . you can join in our contest properly and get some steem .

Thanks for your blog . keep working

Good job bro

Day by day you are improving very well. Thanks for sharing your diary with us.



greeting from @tarpan