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Today is my 8 o'clock morning, waking up in the morning because of the crows coming on the tin and chirping and because of my uncle's 2 younger brothers because they come and screaming in the morning, they have to endure a thousand annoyances, it's their morning routine, whatever they brush I did, I came and had breakfast, today I had breakfast, I ate paratha, beef, after eating the clothes I went to the shop, today I reached the shop at 9:25, I came to the shop with Abir and again I went to Gulpara to have tea by bike, after tea I came to the shop, Uncle said I painted the shop today, so the shop is closed today, Uncle brought the paint, I sat down and watched, I sat down in the chair, took the phone in hand and turned on the data, the notification came. I went to Youtube and started watching the match healers, Harlow City played well in yesterday's match but City could not win the match by dominating the whole match


, so time passed and it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon He came home and sat down for lunch Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance

  1. White rice
  2. Beef
  3. Purple mashed
    Uncle's phone, not to rest after eating, told me to take rice for him, so I hurriedly took the rice to my uncle's shop after the clothes, the goods were random due to coloring in the shop, after dyeing I re-arranged the goods in the shop It was getting late in the afternoon when I went to the store to watch the old cricket matches, it rained a few times in the evening, the sky was covered with black clouds, what a horrible nature, it was night when I was shopping, I got some free time on the phone. I started watching wrestling, I watched matches, I like to watch wrestling, I used to gossip when I was young, I ran away from reading books and watched a lot of wrestling in other people's houses, I used to like to be young, but sometimes I watch wrestling. It's been a long time since I've talked to him, I've spent a lot of time with him, I'm very close to him, I'm very close to people, It's been 11 o'clock at night to talk to him, he calculates and closes the shop. I came home, changed my clothes and ate fresh Hi, it was night
  4. White rice
  5. Fried eggs
    After eating and searching for my mother's body, I came home and lay down, thus ending the day
    Thanks to sojibmolla17 for inviting me to steemit
    Everyone should follow the rules of hygiene for the safety of themselves and their families
    Many thanks to everyone
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Wow! Very nicely written the topics of the day. This season, regular cooking of beef is going on in everyone's home. I also watched the match but on YouTube! The weather has been a little different for several days, it is raining every day.


Great writing bro

Hi @sahin82 !

Try to writ your activity part by part. It will help the reader to read your post.