Betterlife |The diary game | 18th January 2021 | Monday


My Dear Friend's,
This is @shajj from #Bangladesh.๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ

Betterlife |The diary game | 18th January 2021 | Monday

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you have had a great day. Every day goes by very fast. We may not be able to hold on even if we want to. Another month passed from life to see. And another new month has started and I hope you all have a good month this month.. I apologize in advance if there is any mistake in my writings.... I will try to inform you about the daily life system.


a flower photography.Dhaka, Bangladesh.. Plus code-Q9H2+MR Dhaka .
Shot on redmi 8A

My today's DIARY

Hello friends how are you all
First of all, good morning to everyone ... I woke up around 9 this morning. I woke up in the morning, brushed my teeth and freshened up. Then I saw what was made for breakfast. Then I have my breakfast ... Since my student will not come today because today is a Friday holiday. So I had already taken the preparation, I will study a little more today. So I didn't have breakfast anymore. I started my own studies.


Morning tea at my homeQ9P3+45 Dhaka

Then, after finishing the morning studies, I continued my studies till one o'clock. After the bath, I saw what my sister had cooked for lunch. Didn't cook anything so special today, everything was vegetables. I don't like vegetables very much. I don't eat much vegetables, I like very little. Then we all finished our lunch together. After lunch I was talking to my sister and father about the family. When finished then they go to sleep in their own room and I stay in my room. Then I was thinking whether to sleep or what to do, then I suddenly remembered that if I draw something for 1 hour, then Monta will be fine. Which is why I started my drawing. The drawing was a bit drawn earlier and I finished the rest today by drawing. I hope you like my drawing very much


Student drawingQ9P3+45 Dhaka

I believe in doodle art because these drones are very close to my mind. I feel the small designs of the Qur'an very much and these small designs give me a lot of pleasure while drawing. After I finish my drawing I sleep a little from four to five.


macro photography.Dhaka, Bangladesh.. Plus code-Q9H2+MR Dhaka .
Shot on redmi 8A

Then I wake up refreshed and go out to walk inside my own area. I walk here every afternoon with love to my home. The environment in front of our house is very beautiful which makes it very nice to walk. Many people come here from outside because the place is very open. I come home after the walk and then I don't have any light breakfast in the afternoon because I don't feel like digging when I go to teach my student in the evening. I haven't eaten anything at home before.

I go to teach my student in the evening. I teach my students from seven to eight at night. The test in front of him is online which is why he seems to be paying a little more attention now. I taught him Bangla today.


flower photography ..Dhaka, Bangladesh.. Plus code-Q9H2+MR Dhaka .
Shot on redmi 8A

Then when the teaching is over I go home. I come home and study by myself and study by myself from 8:30 to 10:00. When you finish your studies, eat dinner. After dinner I started writing my diary for an estimate. It's almost time to sleep which is why I didn't take any more time.

Thanks to everyone for reading my post and not today.

Tomorrow I will appear again with my daily diary. Until then everyone will be healthy, stay well and pray for me.

Good night everyone.

# Love shajj
There was a lot of love for everyone in the community. I will always pray that everyone will be well by the grace of God. And you will all pray for me and my family

And a few words about me

My name is Sharmin. I have completed Diploma Engineering from a government college. I have completed Diploma in Civil Technology. I occasionally try to write something on my own, and I love drawing. And I'm trying to make my drawings better.

I wish you all good health. If there is any mistake, you will be forgiven..

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