Diary game - 11 SEP 2021

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My diary

Hope everyone is happy and healthy.


Our pet is relaxing.


I am still lying in my bed checking out social media apps. It's 12.02 pm. I couldn't sleep well last night because of a severe headache. I am feeling better now. Mom has tried two times to wake me up in the morning but I was so sleepy I couldn't wake up. There are birds sitting outside my bedroom window. I left my bed around 12.27 pm. Washed my face and hands the ate ruti and dal. After that I have to go to the market to buy groceries. I bought chicken, rice and some vegetables.


Dragon fruit


Toasted almonds


Toasted cashew nuts


I ate my lunch at around 03.00 pm. Mom had prepared mutton and pulaw for us. The cooking was delicious. Then I watered my plants and checked the bin used for composting. My hands and feet were dirty by working on my garden so I washed them. Then I toasted some almonds and cashew nuts in salt. That took me about 20 minutes. I like almonds alot. Mom made tea for us. While having the tea I got a call from rajib he told me to meet him in the market.


I went to meet rajib at around 05.30 pm. Now we are having some snacks. Rajib is also shopping his daily groceries. He bought some eggplant and patal.


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Nice Dairy

ছবিগুলো সুন্দর হয়েছে ভাই 💕


ধন্যবাদ। দিনের কাজের ফাঁকে ফাঁকে তোলা

ভালো দিন ছিল আপনার। সুন্দর লিখেছেন

সুন্দর দিন কাটিয়েছেন। ড্রাগন ফ্রুটের ছবিটা অসাধারণ।


ড্রাগন ফলের দাম অনুযায়ী স্বাদ অতটা ভালো না


এই গুলো দেখতেই সুন্দর।


ঠিক বলেছেন

বেশ ভালই দিন কাটিয়েছেন ❤️❤️


হাঁ প্রতিদিনের মতোই

ড্রাগন ফলের ছবিটা অস্থির হয়েছে। সুন্দর পোস্ট করেছেন।