My childhood memories

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Hello everyone
Hope everybody is doing well

Childhood memories are one of the most cherished memories of human life. No one can forget the days left behind in childhood. I spent my childhood in a rural environment. So I have many memories of my childhood as a village boy. One of which I am going to share with you today. I hope you like it.


This happened when I was in class five. I had two childhood friends. The two of us spent the whole childhood together. The other two friends are Hridoy and Shakil. The three of us friends always hang out together. My three friends stole and ate many kinds of fruits from human trees. I even stole and ate the mango tree that was inside the madrasa. We have stolen and eaten many other types of fruits from human trees including mango, litchi, banana, jackfruit, guava, coconut.

But there is a memorable event. That is the theft of a friend's tree jackfruit. We were three friends. A friend of mine named Shakil had a jackfruit tree. That jackfruit tree caught jackfruit for the first time. The tree had only three jackfruits for the first time. Everyone in the friend's house was very happy to have jackfruit for the first time. As time went on, the jackfruits began to grow.

One evening my friend and I planned to steal together. And today I plan to steal the jackfruit from a friend's tree, not someone else's. That's what works. The heart climbed the tree and tore the jackfruit and threw it on the ground. And I put it in a haystack next to our house. Then we two friends went home.


The next morning Shakil called the two of us. Then he told us that the jackfruit on his tree had been stolen. Then again three friends went to his jackfruit tree. I went and saw that there were only two jackfruits out of three. That means a jackfruit has been stolen. And Shakil doesn't know that this jackfruit is the heart of two of us. So we two friends told Shakil. If I can catch the one who is stealing the jackfruit from your tree, I will beat him up with three friends. Shakil agreed to our words. Then the three of us went home like that day.

I woke up the next morning and went to see the jackfruit. I see the jackfruit is ripe. Then I let the heart know the matter. Then Hridoy and I planned and informed Shakil about the matter. We tell Shakil that today we stole a ripe jackfruit and put it in a haystack next to my house. Let's eat jackfruit tea together. Otherwise no one will see. Three friends ate jackfruit together. After eating the jackfruit tea, I also planned to introduce the stolen jackfruit to Shakil.

When we two friends said that the jackfruit you ate was none other than the jackfruit of your own tree. Hearing this, Shakil started chasing the two of us with a stick. And seeing that, we two friends ran away from there.

Thanks everyone.

Best regards

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