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There are about 200 sports in the world today. Football is ranked No. 1 among them. And the topic of my discussion today is football. Football is a sport whose popularity cannot be overstated. I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t hit football with a foot at least once. Football is currently more popular than any other sport. Currently there are 3.5 billion football fans. The game is most popular in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

So let's talk about some of the important things in football today.

The origin of football.

There are many differences of opinion as to the origin of the popular football game that we see. However, it is estimated that the first football game was started by the Greeks and Romans around 350 BC. They used to make balls by filling air in leather bags. The ancient Greeks and Romans played a variety of games with this ball. In some of these games they used feet. The name of their game was Apis Cairos. This apis has recognized the game of Cairos the original name of the game of FIFA football.

Like the Greeks and Romans, the game of football has been practiced in China since ancient times. Sujo did not name the game of football. The Chinese used to play by kicking leather balls. This competitive game of sujo was recognized by FIFA as the first football game.



The game was later introduced in Japan and Korea. The rules of the game in Japan were to play in a round field and not let the ball fall to the ground. One of the rules of football in the past was to kick the ball.

However, the rules and regulations of the current game of football did not have much in common with the football of the past. None of the countries where football was popular in ancient times could be named as the country of origin of football. So the question is in which country did modern football originate? Modern football originated in England. Numerous players could take part in the first football match in England. And the force of the body had to carry the ball to a certain place. The name of this game was Mob Football. Earlier, football was played in Europe with 27 players. Sometimes football was played with 10 to 20 people.

The British football players of 1848 repealed the previous rules and made new rules. And a rule that a maximum of 11 players on a team can play was made in 1870. From this time the journey of modern football began. Exactly two years later, in 1872, FIFA inaugurated the first international football game. Scotland played England in the opening match. And the result of the game was 0-0. This is the origin of modern football. Since then, England, the birthplace of football, has been acknowledged.



  • The net was used in the first goal post in 1890.

  • The first pelanti kick was started in 1891.

  • FIFA, the governing body of football, was formed in 1904.

  • The first boot was used in the game of football in 1926.

  • The number was written on the first jersey in a football game in 1928. And the jersey number was between 1-22. Numbers 1-11 are written on one team's jersey and 12-22 on another team's jersey. Players on one team could not use numbers written on the other team's jersey.

  • In 1940, the rule was made that players of both teams could take the same number in a football game.

  • The names of the players were written in the first jersey in 1993.

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The technique of playing football.

There are different techniques of playing football. E.g .:

  1. Kicking
  2. Heading
  3. Trapping
  4. Tackling
  5. Goalkeeping

1. Kicking
Kicking refers to kicking the ball with the foot. There are two types of kicking. One is high kick and the other is low kick. To send the ball high, you have to hit it with your feet under the ball. And to send the ball close to the ground, you have to hit the middle of the ball with your feet.

2. Heading
Heading means hitting the ball with the head. Goals can be scored by heading and the ball can be saved by heading. Headings are usually made on high balls. Heading is usually seen before the ball falls to the ground from a height.

3. Trapping
Trapping is the act of controlling a ball with any part of the body except the hands. Traffic can be of different types. E.g .:

  1. Soul trapping
  2. Scene trapping
  3. Thai trapping
  4. Attempt trapping
  5. Head trapping

4. Tackling
The most important thing in playing football is tackling. Tackling is the technique of snatching the ball from an opposing player.

5. Goal keeping
The main attraction of playing football is the goal. And there is a certain player to defend this goal, he is called the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper can catch the ball with any part of the body.



There are a total of 17 rules in the game of football. A brief introduction to them.

1. Field
The first law of football is the field. What kind of field is there in the game of football at the international level. Field measurement.

  1. Length - 120 yards, width - 60 yards
  2. Length - 115 yards, width - 65 yards
  3. Length - 110 yards, width - 60 yards

2. Ball
The weight of the ball played in football will be 410-450 grams and the circumference of the ball will be 6-80 cm.

3. Number of players
A team has a total of 18 players, 11 of whom can play on the field and the rest will sit off the field as additional players.

4. Player equipment
A player must enter the field wearing a mandatory jersey, shorts, singard, boots and socks. Nothing can be worn outside of it so that the player of the opposing team is hurt by it.

5. Referee
In football, there is a referee to manage the field game.



6. Deputy Referee
There are two more people to help the referee, they are called deputy referees. They stand with a flag on the touch line on either side of the field. Moreover, there is a referee outside the field.

7. During play
The football game lasts for a total of 90 minutes. 90 minutes is divided into two halves. A 15-minute break was given after the first half.

8. Game start
All players are on their field before the game starts. The game starts as soon as the referee blows the whistle.

9. In and out
The ball is caught outside when the goal line or touchline is crossed by rolling or elevating the ball. And the ball is caught in the game if the spot is in or inside.

10. Goal
The main attraction of playing football is the goal. When the ball crosses the opponent's goal line, it is considered a goal.

11. Off side
If the opponent is in the middle of the team without the ball and if he does not have two players of the opposing team in front of him, then if he takes the ball from the player of his own team then it will be considered as off side.

12. Foul
There are two types of fouls in football. E.g .:

  1. Direct free kick (Direct free kick is given due to 10 fouls.)

  2. Indirect free kick (indirect free kick due to 7 fouls)



13. Free kick
A kick that is a direct goal is called a direct free kick. And a kick that is not a direct goal is called an indirect free kick.

14. Pelanti kick
If a player fouls inside the penalty area, the opposing team gets a penalty kick. No player can stand in front of a goalpost without a goalkeeper during a penalty kick.

15. Throw in
If a player's touch ball crosses the touchline and goes out, the opposing team throws the ball with the player's hand. And it's called throw-in.

16. Goal kick
If the ball crosses the goal line with the exception of the opposing team's goal post, the kick that starts the game again is called a goal kick.

17. Corner kick
The opposing team gets a corner kick if the ball crosses the goal line without the goalpost, except for the opposite team.



This was my brief discussion of the game of football. Inshallah, I will appear before you again in the future with another issue. Until then, stay well, stay healthy.

Thanks everyone.

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