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Greetings, everyone.

To make a blog beautiful, we often have to download images from the internet, but just downloading images doesn't mean that your job is done, the most important thing is whether the image is copyright free. Today I will share with you how you can download copyright-free images from Google. This is especially important for the newcomers on Steemit. So let's find out how we can download copyright-free images from Google in a very simple way.


Step 1

First, come to the Google website from any browser. If you are a mobile user and if you are using Chrome browser then enable the desktop site option from the three dots on the top right of the browser.



Step 2

Now click on the images option from the reloaded page.


The Google Images page will appear. You can search for the image of your choice in the search bar. I searched by typing flower.


Step 3

After searching, Flower Related numerous images will appear on the screen. But not all images are copyright free. To get a copyright-free image you need to tap on the Tools option on the right side of the search bar.


Step 4

When you go to the Tools option, you will notice some options under the search bar. You can press the dropdown next to the Usage Rights option.


Step 5

You will get 3 options from Usage Rights. From here select the Creative Common Licenses option.


The selected dimension page will be reloaded and all the images that will show on the screen are copyright-free images, now you can download any image and use it in your blog.


Just remember, you only have to mention the download link under the image, when you will use the image. It's a simple way to download and use copyright-free images from Google. I hope everyone will understand.

Thank you for reading

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helpful post


Thanks a lot for the detailed helpful post.
I hope our community will bring about copyright-free sites like unsplash/ pixabay and their usage very soon, so people can use them properly.
Thanks again!


সোহান ভাই আপনার ফেসবুক আইডি লিংকটা দেন প্লিজ।


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উপকৃত হলাম। ধন্যবাদ আপনাকে।


Very very good work.


very nice

Very helpful, thank you brother!

Me gusta mucho este post de información. Pero tengo una duda.¿ Yo puedo usar fotos con derecho de autor y poner el enlace o la fuente debajo ?


You can use only copyrightfree images and link.


Ok muchas gracias por la información. Un saludo

thanks a lot for sharing the idea. It's very helpful


Very good news for all steemit user's